28 Ways To Help ‘Activate Your Inner Wellness’ For World Activation Day

World Activation Day is an unofficial holiday on the 25th of October that encourages people to recharge, rejuvenate and reconnect to bring the best of people out to the world. It’s a day to let the mind be self-reliant, and be free to express itself with no strings attached. The idea is to spread the […]

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World Activation Day is an unofficial holiday on the 25th of October that encourages people to recharge, rejuvenate and reconnect to bring the best of people out to the world. It’s a day to let the mind be self-reliant, and be free to express itself with no strings attached.

The idea is to spread the awareness of how important it is to activate your inner wellness to bring the best of you to the world, rather than what’s remaining of you.

I was fortunate enough to get some experts, athletes, entrepreneurs and professionals on board to share different ways to activate inner wellness. Here are some of their ideas.

Alyssa Petersel, CEO of MYWellbeing

To me, recharging means reflecting on the environments I’m in, activities I’m doing, and people I am with when I feel strongest and most fulfilled. Then, activating my inner wellness is saying no to as much as possible that does not fit into those priorities and saying yes to as many things as possible that do. For example: I have a knack for writing, public speaking, and motivating and celebrating my team. I feel like a powerhouse when I am engaging in these activities. In my work at MyWellbeing, I do as much as possible to highlight, honor, and spend time utilizing those skills to drive our business forward, and I do as much as possible to delegate other activities that don’t speak as solidly to my strengths.

Aimee Clark, Cofounder of Dotted Line Communications

Inner wellness is an extremely important topic, especially in a world where the first thing most of us look at in the morning is our phone and and its also the last thing we look at before bed…and sometimes in the middle of the night. It’s so easy to get distracted and sidetracked from ourselves and our own intentions with the constant barrage of news and social media.

I have turned to journaling and exercise to continue to build inner peace and keep intentions clear and feel activated and excited about life and possibilities. I think you have to manifest what you want and put it out into the world. Write down your dreams, goals, thoughts. Just seeing them on paper can help you believe and make them more than just words bouncing around in your head. With exercise, I find if I can push through a hard effort for at least a minute than I can have that hard conversation with a client or a loved.

I love the Italian expression “il dolce far niente,” which means the sweetness of doing nothing. What an amazing concept to subscribe to! Just do an activity you enjoy and let your mind wander. I believe that can make us feel lighter and more open to let fresh ideas in. It can help us to feel more activated and more alive.

Rachael Rapinoe — Soccer Player

Re-charge is exactly that, to restore something back to its optimal state. This year especially but also in today’s world, it is so easy to become mentally, emotionally and physically depleted. While it’s important to be self-motivated and goal-oriented, losing parts of yourself to get the top doesn’t set people up for long-term fulfillment. If you want to tap into your best self, it starts by taking care of all the little needs that are so often overlooked. Inner wellness is key to living your best life.

Dr. Laura Gallaher, founder and CEO of Gallaher Edge

Recharging and inner wellness is paramount! I spent most of my life, up through just a few years ago, climbing an endless ladder. On the inside though, I was running on a hamster wheel. Over and over again, I unknowingly lied to myself about how I would allow myself to relax when _____ (fill in the blank). Or it would take some variation like “I’ll go have more fun when ______.” It took multiple moments of realization and awareness — it was something I learned over and over again. Inner wellness, recharging, and enjoying this journey called life is a choice for me to make now. Not when I retire. Not when I hit a certain revenue mark. Not when I get married. Right now. It was almost 2 years ago that I tattooed the word “Journey” on my right wrist. It’s on the inside, facing me, because even though I share this message with others in my work, first and foremost, it is the reminder that I need that has me in the daily practices of recovery. Making time for myself. Not just tolerating silence, but allowing it, and then seeking it. Feeling the peace from within. I’ll never decide that I’m done growing and learning and improving — so that’s no longer a reason to resist prioritizing my own wellness. I cannot pour from an empty cup, and prioritizing inner wellness actually makes me more effective in my work, not to mention helps me feel more fulfilled along the way. On this October 25th, make time for you. Connect with yourself. You’re worth it.

Loren Howard Founder Of Prime Plus Mortgages

I think activating inner wellness would be different for everyone. I think it is important though, as everything we see and make sense of is technically a projection of what is inner. Therefore, if our inner self is health than we can project that into our world around us. The outer wellness will follow what is within!

Jackeline Velez, Director, US Hispanic, Xero

It’s important to hit pause from time to time. I was able to do this through yoga. I was travelling the world as part of my job and started to do little workouts in my hotel rooms along the way. I felt better — both physically and mentally. It became the most important part of my day and I shifted my lifestyle to fit my yoga practice. The practice helped me realize that I could take charge of my life. World Activation Day is an excellent time to take stock of your physical and mental wellbeing and figure out how you can be the best version of you.

Meryl Montgomery, Co-Founder and CEO of Barbari

Activating my inner wellness means making intentional choices to put my physical and mental health and needs above other choices. It means recognizing when I’m feeling off-balance, and taking the steps needed to recenter myself. Sometimes that’s saying no to a social gathering or networking event. It could mean choosing to go out of town for the election. Sometimes it means taking a long bubble bath followed by a high dose edible movie.

Angela Arena, Founder of Kind Lab

Like the proverbial deer in headlights, many of us have become overwhelmed by the chaos of the world around us, and in response have taken to becoming more passive with the direction of our lives. While it’s an understandable coping mechanism, in the process we may have let slip some of the practices that were keeping us well. Recharging means shifting back from having life happen to us, and starting to take back control of our health & habits. Now is the time to raise baseline health & wellness, expand our wellness toolkits, and keep our own cups full. An agile mind & body will ensure you are best prepared for whatever is around the corner.

Emma Middlebrook, Owner and Trainer of REP Movement

The life of an entrepreneur is demanding, and if the service you’re providing is equally demanding you can burn out quickly. I have to make sure I’m taking care of myself so I can show up in the way my clients need me to. I make sure to schedule breaks into my day, sometimes those breaks are for nourishment and other times they’re simply there so I can sit in silence and recharge. I’m an introverted extrovert, so I can give a lot but that means it also takes a lot for me to recharge and feel centered again. Everyone, especially now in this current moment needs to take a step back and connect with themselves. Schedule time in your day to do something positive for yourself. It could be 10 minutes to listen to a podcast, 5 more minutes in the shower to put on a face mask; do absolutely anything that makes you feel balanced and whole. Don’t be afraid to ask for that time or that space, creating boundaries is a healthy form of communication.

Richard Lin, Founder & CEO of Thryve

Activating inner wellness is a delicate balance between mental and physical health. By improving your gut health, your emotional well-being falls into place, and vice versa. To achieve this harmony, you must tend to the body and the mind individually through diet, exercise, and probiotics. Once inner wellness is activated, you will unlock the tools necessary to meet your career goals, build stronger relationships, and live a healthier life.

Miguel Serrano, beIN SPORTS journalist

I think it’s time for all us, if we can, to take at least a moment every day to do something for ourselves in terms of caring for our inner wellness. Sometimes we can find ourselves completely preoccupied with our day-to-day obligations and that keeps us from taking care of how we really feel. This affects how we control our stress and emotions and has an impact on the example we set for our children. So, with that said, it’s great to celebrate this World Activation Day and raise awareness of how important it is to take care of ourselves, both individually and collectively. I invite everyone, if you can, to take a moment on this day to do either something you love or something you’ve always wanted to do. Hopefully it will inspire you to keep it up every day. I do some kind of sports activity every day and it helps keep my stress levels in check. It definitely recharges and activates my inner wellness. I have this routine but now I’m focused on building my meditation routine as I try to keep improving. This is how I try to reach my wellness goals but everyone else will have their own unique ways and methods. And to that I say come on, let’s do it!

Joanna Trimble Kira Systems’ Chief Revenue Officer

For me, the reality is that I am at my best when I have awareness and attention focused on my own wellness. It took me many years of neglecting that and turning off the voice in my head to come to grips with the impact of stress on my wellness. The epiphany for me, in my late 30’s, was when I attended an executive leadership course that focused a portion of the time on the impact of anxiety and stress on performance. The physiological reaction in your body when you are stressed is undeniable. Your blood vessels constrict, your breathing tends to shorten and you may even be pushed into fight or flight mode. I began to become more aware of how often this was cropping for me as I had the mentality of ‘pushing through’ to persevere. It was at this time, I decided to start practicing Yoga and explore meditation.

Emily Adams, Coach | Speaker | Writer @ Stronger Body and Mindset INC.,

For most of my life I had no idea what it meant to recharge and take care of my inner wellness. I didn’t make it a priority or even have enough awareness to give it a thought. Then one day it hit me hard, I was so burnt out I didn’t even want to function and I started going into a downward spiral. At the time I was working in a corporate job as a single mom and didn’t take any time for myself besides working out each day. I thought that by working out I was already taking too much time for myself since it was taking time away from my children.

I decided to take a momcation when I got really burnt out. I came back and realized that after I took the time to recharge myself I was a much better mom to my children and I knew I needed to be able to recharge and take time to work on my inner wellness so I can show up and be even a better person that is fulfilled and recharged. There needs to be more awareness around recharging and taking care of our inner wellness without having guilt and shame around it. We need to invest in ourselves mentally and physically.

RubyGld Smoke

Activating inner wellness is about being motivated and at peace for us. We activate this daily in many ways. Each morning TL does High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and strength training; Dani Jo does Yin Yoga. Getting our bodies recharged in the morning gets our juices flowing for the rest of the day! Taking care of our bodies fosters self-love and confidence! We find time to rest and enjoy life as well which helps with mental health and peace. With these unprecedented times, it’s important now more than ever to remind people to be happy with themselves and to be encouraged. It’s the only way to give your best self to the world!

Milena Regos, Co-founder Unhustle.com

As the founder of a revolutionary movement to the way we live and work i do believe that taking care of ourselves our inner wellbeing our mental health are critical to high performance just like you i was stressed out burned out always on hustling entrepreneur back in my days until i decided to change my life and find a little bit more space more balance more calm in my days which turned out to be a way for high performance in a way to pick experiences which is what unhustle is all about it’s taking a little bit of time in each day finding that balance finding the space to move forward taking a breath connecting with nature being outside enjoying the sunshine finding joy in the little things i hope this video inspires you to take a few seconds for yourself take a few deep breaths connect with your inner peace and move forward on world activation day thank you so much for inviting me to share my thoughts on world activation day with your community

Cedric Bryant, President and Chief Science Officer at ACE

Get moving! People who are physically active for even small amounts of time each week (150 minutes or less) have lower odds for many lifestyle related diseases like diabetes, heart disease and stroke. And the options for adding activity to your day are endless. Remember that even small movements daily

make a big difference long term. Take your dog for a walk, or go to a playground and play on the equipment. Do squats jumps while watching your favorite television show. Find stairs and take them. Go for an easy swim in a lake or work in the garden. The point is to get moving, whenever and wherever you can.

Heather Marie Udo, Founder & CEO Shoppable

I like to stay activated by waking up early to get in a workout before my kids wake up and before my workday officially kicks off. When I feel like I need to recharge, I find opera music to be something that speaks to my soul and naturally helps me slow down and take deep breaths while enjoying the beautiful music. This year, I’m working on integrating more small moments of meditation to having creative thinking time.

J. Scott MacMillan, life coach and author of the book “Be The Hero Of Your Life”

Slowing down may be one of the most beneficial things you can do for your mental and physical health. Specifically, the act of prayer or meditation evokes peacefulness than isn’t easily found in any other activity.

By calming my mind through relaxing guided meditations, I put my brain into a calm, peaceful alpha brainwave state. This is the perfect time for me to actively visualize what I want my life to look like. I especially imagine the feelings and emotions I will have when I obtain my desired outcome. I also view the beautiful reactions and happy emotions of the people who are with me in my beautiful future. I envision their smiles and hugs and how glad they are for me.

This combined powerful activity of meditation and visualization allows me to slow down and be grateful for my current life and call in what I want to manifest into my life. When my brain is in an alpha state, and I powerfully imagine the emotions of feeling healthy and happy and living a fulfilled and purpose-driven life, it creates a powerful heart-brain coherent frequency. When I am in this powerful high vibratory frequency, I call on the Universe to manifest my beautiful life.

I invite you to try this exercise for yourself. Find some relaxing guided meditation music and calm the mind down for 10 to 15 minutes. Then powerfully visualize a beautiful future that you want to manifest into reality. You will feel so refreshed and happy that you’ll want to do this every day.

Shelley Buck, speaker and author of the parenting memoir Leave Your Light On

Leave Your Light On. Can you leave your light on for one whole day? The light that emanates from your heart and floods you with a sense of calm, loving energy? We all have one, but with so many distractions “out there,” we forget that it’s what’s “in here” that makes us feel so alive. If you can focus your heart on being who you really are — just for one day — loving who and what you love, doing things that make you happy, sharing your light with everyone who crosses your path, it will bring you a truly unforgettable day. The gift to yourself will be huge. The gift to others will be magical.

Patricia Peyton and Claire Dale, authors of Physical Intelligence

Recharging and activating inner wellness for me means getting back in touch with and utilizing the amazing piece of machinery we all have but most of us don’t yet fully understand or leverage…our miraculous bodies. Over 400 chemicals (hormones and neurotransmitters) racing through our bloodstream and nervous system largely dictate how we think, feel, speak and behave. Most of us operate at the mercy of those chemicals without realizing that we can strategically influence (some of) them through how we move, breathe, think and communicate. We call that Physical Intelligence, the ability to detect and actively manage the balance of certain key chemicals so that we can achieve more, stress less and live and work more happily.

Physical Intelligence actually underpins our cognitive and emotional intelligences. Recharging, rejuvenating and reconnecting are all essential aspects of Physical Intelligence because they build our Resilience. In today’s world, too many people are operating under extreme pressure for sustained periods of time, which increases cortisol (stress hormone) and drains our adrenal glands, making it more difficult for us to cope with challenges — or even daily life. Given the current environment, mild adrenal fatigue is more common than you might think. For sustained top performance, life should be a balancing act of intense effort followed by a period of rest and recovery. For highest resilience, we need cortisol levels to be optimal — not too much or too little. When the pressure to perform is on, we rely on our adrenal glands to produce more cortisol so that we can rise to the occasion without worry or anxiety, and then we need to allow them to recover quickly through relaxation. Paced breathing, scheduling restorative activities into our weekly schedule, good nutrition, hydration, plenty of sleep, sunlight, meditation, and massage will all help us thrive regardless of what is happening around us.

Suzanne Tulien, Brand Clarity Expert, Speaker, Author of Personal Brand Clarity: Identify, Define, & Align to What You Want to be Known For

Activating and recharging wellness for ourselves is the ‘missing piece’ to the sustainable evolution of our own human species! I am thrilled this concept of WORLD ACTIVATION Day is emerging, as it is much needed to bring a new deeper level of consciousness to our own ‘way of being’ and help us all realize the power of BEING-NESS from the inside out. We can only become less ‘externally impacted’ when we are more ‘internally driven’ by our own core values and inner compass. I accomplish this by ‘remembering’ who I really am and review my own Personal Brand attributes regularly that I have identified and defined so that I can align better to that which I resonate with. I do a lot of nature trail running, listen to a variety of spiritual and intellectual podcasts. I love yoga, meditation and fly fishing on beautiful Colorado rivers. I believe when we are able to go deeper to identify and define what resonates with who we are, we enable ourselves to align to it and be more present within it. This raises our vibration and allows us to ‘receive’ live experiences that align to that. Let’s do this!

Jeanette Hargreaves founder of tempercoaching.com

Today to be your best self here’s what I say, get in touch with your feelings and your values. I’m just a suburban mom here in austin texas. And let me tell you something, I used to yell at my kids and spank them every single day. When i was growing up my dad was a yeller and a spanker too. But it just didn’t feel right to me as a mom and so I got help.

My name is Jeanette Hargreaves, I’m a parenting coach, author, speaker and the founder of tempercoaching.com. And here’s what I learned to be my best self, I needed to get in touch with my feelings to be able to identify them and respond to them in healthy helpful ways. Even with anger, I stopped the yelling but I didn’t stop the anger. I still get angry, but now I choose to be helpful instead of hurtful with my anger. And underneath those feelings, I had lots of big family values like honesty, honor, dignity, respect, integrity, love, and kindness. And what I realized is that when I was yelling at my kids, I really wasn’t fully living into my values. So friends, get in touch with your feelings and then notice what those feelings are telling you. What do you value, make choices based on your values.

Rodney Wallace, Professional Soccer Player, owner of rewind CBD

Today during World activation day, I wanted to give you guys an inside scoop on what’s important to me in order to get ahead, feel better, mentally and physically.

My daily routine includes meditation, reflection. And it’s important for me to always wake up and meditate and take time in the morning to really reflect on on myself and reflect on my goals and my intentions, it’s important for me to stay present, and know that by spending time with myself, it’s something that’s going to allow me to get further into the day to dig deeper into the meaning of the day, and what my intentions are going to be. I like to evaluate everything that I can control. Everything that I can control is not helpful to me, because there is nothing I can do. And there’s nothing that that situation can do for me. So I stay away from things that aren’t real to me. And I stay centred and focused on what will be helpful, not only for me, but what information I can offer others in order for them to be successful. It’s also key to be able to, to spend time with yourself, it’s also refreshing for the body, your mind starts to really understand that, that you come first and in order for you to, to really be able to be helpful or be to use of others. Whether it’s your job, whether it’s friendships, whether it’s relationships, you have to be at 100%, you have to be at your healthiest in order to to bring somebody up to bring the level up and then in your workspace to bring the level up in somebody else’s life you have to be your own driving force. So by meditating by spending time alone, and really refresh, reflecting and and really get into know what your purpose is, is super important. I think that allowing the brain to also rest and not to think about so many things at once, especially right now during this pandemic, it makes things a little bit easier to know that there really aren’t that many pressures, when you have time for yourself. That one hour you spent that half hour that you spend by yourself is time that is so valuable to your mind. And it will go such a long way. And it will bring you that refreshing sense that we usually don’t get during these times because everything that we see is telling us how to be what to do, where to go, how to act. So in the world where right now things appear to be dictated for us. by us taking a time to ourselves is really allowing us to take control and dictating our own personal being, which ultimately allows us to, to open up doors that we didn’t even know were there before. Just by being able to reach into our deepest desires on our true self. We’re going to win so many more battles we’re going to be in in better places, we’re going to be able to help others. So in order to continue to make this world a better place, it all starts from us. So it’s important to take time for yourself. It’s maybe being selfish, but in order to get to the finish line, you need to come first and carry on. And that would be a driving force. And then that is what leadership is, you lead by example. So the next person says I want to feel that positive energy. I want to have that attitude. I want to have that. That peace of mind. So one step at a time. Let’s take care of ourselves, you know to take care of others and make this a whole better place for everybody. Take care

Theresa Lambert, Professional Coach

We live in such a connected world, this ideal of always being on, always hustling 24 seven, always doing more doing better, having more being more, you know, I was in that for a long time and I was successful from the outside. But really from the inside, I wasn’t, I was tired, I was banged out, and I didn’t like who I was becoming. And then I changed it. So today on world activation day, it’s important for me to share this message with you. Because it doesn’t have to be difficult. It doesn’t have to be hard. You don’t have to hustle yourself into the ground to be successful. There is a way that allows you to succeed with elegance, to move with pretty agility, to nourish yourself to the top. And I want to invite you to do that by just allowing yourself to be more often, to embrace not doing to break your routines to be at all with the beautiful world that we live in. Even at the darkest times, through so much beauty, you’re the one that is in the driver’s seat, you’re the one that chooses what you see, choose to see beauty choose to see joy, choose to slow down long enough, so you can actually savour and enjoy those moments. So my invitation for you today and why this is important is really for you to come home to yourself to cosy up on your sofa with a cup of tea, or maybe a glass of wine, if that’s your jam, or coffee or whatever you’d like to drink. And just be just and allow yourself to just enjoy giving yourself permission to unplug, to not check things to not be thinking about what’s next. And to just be in that moment with yourself. And just really feel and tune in. And notice how your energy starts to come to you. Notice how you feel and your body. And really you know today give yourself the day. But every day, even just for five minutes a day. Just give yourself the permission of space, time and slowing down and it will open up an entire new experience. My name is Teresa, I’m a professional coach. And I’m all about helping high achieving women succeed with elegance, less struggle and nourish themselves to the top. So come on and enjoy this day and take care.

Evan Kesner, CEO of Straight Up Growth

I moved from New York City to San Diego to get closer to the ocean. This is where I recharge, have to do meditation and I find it important to recharge because I burned out pretty hard. And I was working in New York City out of a 400 square foot apartment and it’s in a pretty bad place. After that, you know, I came to San Diego, started a new business, started to gain some energy and you know, spend a lot of time with my family and meditate. I do cryo and sort of gotten into the plant life scene over here as well. But yeah, San Diego is a great place to come and recharge and hope you and you know everyone out there taking the day to recharge and feel a bit better about yourself and your health and and get some positive energy into this world.

Marcus Johnson, CEO at FLO Brands — Speaker, Jazz Pianist, Coach, Entrepreneur, Author and Professor

And I thought no better place that I could do it in no better place than right here on the golf course. I had one of those days today, man. And this is where I can calm and recharge. And in this time of COVID, in this time where life is different than I think anybody imagined it to be, you have to be able to take a chance and take time out to disconnect. And sometimes it’s actually disconnecting, to reconnect to recharge, the name of my company is floats for the love of and doing all this stuff for the love of ourselves. And when we take care of ourselves, a funny thing happens, we can actually take care of others. So disconnecting in order to recharge means that we’re full and have a cup, out of which we can pour our souls and our energy and our motivation into those things, people, places that we love as well. So on world activation day, I decided to take a break from the craziness that is being you know, in a different frame of mind being around people in a way that I never thought I would be in just disconnecting to reconnect to recharge. Thanks so much for allowing me again to share my thoughts on world activation day, Marcus Johnson and I’m out peace.

Fabienne Raphael, Business Coach for High Achievers

What I usually do to recharge, is actually spend time with my loved ones with my life partner with my two boys and give them some love, receive some love, laugh out loud, a lot, talk about crazy things about the future about our plans about our dreams. That really recharges me because it keeps me grounded and make me remind myself why I chose the route that I chose. Second thing that I love to do to recharge is actually spent time in nature not only by walking along the river, or driving along the river, but also like going in the woods, and walking and just like breathing some fresh air and just being there at this exact moment. These are the things that really makes me feel rounded, happy, and charged. Sometimes life goes so fast. And sometimes we’re so goal oriented, and we are so working towards something that it happens that you might neglect yourself. But uh, but I feel that with great self awareness and people around us that loves us a lot to make us aware of it. And then it’s never, it’s never like something that you shouldn’t do to take time off, away from social media away from everything else that’s been putting a lot of pressure on your shoulders, and just recharge, feel grounded and progress with it will actually refuel you and help you progress with what you have been working on. And also reconnect you to your why and all those reasons why you’re doing what you’re doing

Shell Phelps, Co-founder Phelps Strategies

I like to unplug by going into the sauna because I understand how important it is to revitalise and not be depleted energy and activate our inner well being. So I can be cohesive and live in a world where we’re all balanced and making sure that we make mental fitness a priority.

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