26 Better Ways To Become A Better Person

Be better by doing your best....

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Good, better, best the words of compliments, appraisal. It starts from our childhood , if anyone compliment us with these words we’ll be happy. And we try to maintain the praise by doing even more better. Similarly in adults, we admire good qualities in others and trying to incorporate , many of us want to become a better person, being a better human. Trying to elevate our qualities and to see the changes in us is a good thing. A better person is a role model, a better person is a disciplined person. We’ll be the best if we are better. Here are some ways to become a better person. Try anyone these to be better.


Accept the things around you, your mistakes, your past life whatever it is..acceptance gives you the satisfaction and peace. No need to dwell in your mistakes, stay active, do things more than before. Incorporate yourself with the power agility.


Believe in yourself, Believe that you can do it , you can achieve it , you are blessed with many things. Believe that you are bold enough to handle anything. Believeness makes you to stay positive. You’ll see the best in others too.


For a better person you change yourself. Change your thoughts, attitude , routine, habits. Be calm and have confident in your changes. Be cheerful ever. ” Change is the only thing that ever change”. Keep that in mind, but no drastic changes. Slow and steady changes makes better smoothly.


After certain changes, hope you change your surroundings too. Declutter as much you can. Donate the things you don’t want or you don’t use. Because somebody in need of that. Dedicate yourself in donating, the pleasure it gives you endless.


Enjoy each and every moment, you won’t get back. Encourage yourself to be happy. Enjoy the little things around you, get excited by adoring the nature. Explore new things. Be empathetic & eager to learn new things


Forget & Forgive are the two eyes for a better person. Forget all the past mistakes you have done, forget others as well. Forgive yourself as well as others. Start fresh, focus on new goals, dreams. Spend time with your family & friends. Feel happy, make your surroundings happy.


Gratitude is the best attitude. Thank god for all the blessings you have each & everyday.. Be gentle and graceful to others. Be generous, give as much as you can. Have a gratitude journal, start writing. List any 2 or 5 things you are grateful for. Keep on adding to your list, find how much you are thankful for.


Be happy and try to make others happy, at least one person a day. Helping is one other way to make others happy. Smile at the strangers, be cheerful, have a graceful smile in your face all time. Be humble to others.


Show interest towards others, towards you, your work, your body. Showing interest is the way of caring. Take care of yourself, as well as others.


Be jovial don’t be a moody person. Talk to everyone, smile at everyone and make the place lively. Many people are struggling in a battle unknown to you. Try to be the person making others happy and free from their worries.


Reflect kindness, a positive word or positive action. Being kind controls your mind. Don’t show your anger towards others. Be kind to all, give others warmth and comfort feeling

“Be kind whenever possible, It is always possible “


Let go of everything.. negative emotions , past memories, bad experiences. Don’t keep on clinging, leave & let it go. Keep on moving to the next, learn new things, teach to others, create a new hobby, change your attitute. Let goodness fill you.


Do more, forgive more, help more, love more,learn more, teach more, work more…do everything more than before. The more changes in you, the more better person you are. Motivate yourself to do more, live your life meaningfully.


Nourish your body, nourish your mind, your soul. ” Healthy diet makes makes healthy man”. Have a balanced diet , make your meal colourful with lot of veggies and fruits. Food gives you much pleasure. An empty stomach can’t create peaceful mind. Nourish your body by healthy foods. Nourish your mind/ soul by meditation and prayer.


Be an optimistic person. Thinking positively help you to over come obstacles. Don’t procrastinate, be a runner in your life time. Be an open hearted person.


“Believe in peace”. Peace that brings everything in hand , may be it took little time. Once you believed in peace you can win. It brings you happiness. Use polite words, while speaking . Have patience, peaceful mind creates a happy soul. Happy soul make others happy.


Keep quiet as a student in class. Just listen, observe the happening around you, wait for your turn. Even the situation is not good, not favorable for you, be quiet. Your silence is the answer, your silence speaks for you. If the situation get worse, if you can’t bare just quit. Quiet or quit take any one of this weapon to become a better person.


Relax !!!! Just relax yourself, nothing can be changed overnight. Slow progress makes a steady victory. You are a resilient, you will come back. Rejuvenate your thoughts, recycle your mind. Have fun with family, friends. Relax by admiring the beauty of nature.


Self confidence is the only tool, that you can hold for yourself . A man without self confident is like a body without soul. Be confident and believe in yourself and be honest. Have smile ever in your face. Sacrifice, be simple, be smart, serve others, be soulful are some of the efficient elements that makes you sparkle more.


True to yourself, true to others. It is better to say an ugly truth than a beautiful lie. Truth never fails. So be true, speak truth. Being truthful is the index for a better person.


Understanding the situation, people is an art. Learn that art, the more you understand, you have clean idea to deal with it. Listening and observing are the ways to understand others. Be reachable, make others comfortable. Upgrade yourself in each part of the life by understanding yourself.


Everything has its own value. Don’t underestimate anyone, anything. ” Treat others the way you want to be treated “. Everything in the world made for a purpose.

Only loss teaches us about the value of things

Arthur Schopenhauer

So take care of the valuable people & things around you. The more you care, the more value it has.


I learned the value of hard work by working hard


Without working you can’t taste the fruit of success. Work like bees and ants. Work hard when you are young and enjoy your life later with pleasure and peace. No pain, No gain.


Youth is the gift of nature but age is a work of art

Stanislaw Jerzylec

Shape your life before you enter into the geriatric part . Aging is a part of cycle not an isolated period. Stay young at heart and mind. A well planned diet, regular exercise will keep you young. Stay healthy and enjoy life.


Zest is the secret of all beauty, there is no beauty that is attractive without zest . Zest the great enthusiasm and energy that is needed to lead our life. Be energetic, be cheerful, everyday. Whatever life throws at you, just be energetic and face it with great smile. Be fire, have power and energy in you and encourage others. Enthusiasm is contagious, spread it. Become the most enthusiastic and energetic person ever, make others too. Live life with zest.

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