22 Best Rules to Simplify Life

We have always searched for the Meaning of Life, but to Live we just need to go on and on, and with each day and with each year passing we come to look at Life with different meanings but some rules are permanent no matter the age we live in. It cannot be broken nor be changed.

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We have always searched for the Meaning of Life, but to Live we just need to go on and on, and with each day and with each year passing we come to look at Life with different meanings but some rules are permanent no matter the age we live in. It cannot be broken nor be changed.

always don’t forget the rules

The number 22 is simply Lucky

1)Forget Newtons Third Law:

Not all Actions require an equivalent and opposite reaction. Sometimes sitting quietly and not responding immediately can be the best solution to many situations in Life.

2)Never be an innocent Hard worker:

Hard work has become a virtue of many today. Only if you learn to market your hard work can you really succeed in this competitive world? Marketing is not a niche just for Salespersons. Even if you are a diamond, it needs polishing to be noticed.

3)Control freaks cannot survive:

You should clearly know what you can control and what you cannot control. Only misery and Depression will be the outcome if you try to control every moment in your life.

4)Shameful Criticism:

There is no positive or negative criticism. Only be ashamed of what is worthy of being embarrassed.
If it is not worthy never waste or think about it. Just rub off the dust and start walking.

5)Positive Role Models:

Don’t just search for Role models. Look for positive role models. Being successful and wealthy does necessarily mean they are positive role models.

6)Dancing Vs Wrestling:

Understand that Life is more of wrestling than dancing. If you know only to dance be prepared to be disappointed.

7)Variety of Insults:

Every person loves a different array of Foods, but whom among you can be a lover of a variety of Insults?
He who savours insults will brave any storm that life throws at him.

8)No one knows what confidence is:

In this attention seeking world, everyone wants to appear confident. Real belief is something that is from inside. The society as a whole is now ok with people who can fake confidence.
Confidence does not necessarily mean looking good and walking upright. When your body obeys your mind that is real confidence. There will be nothing to fake at that moment.

9)There is a massive difference between Joy and Pleasure:

Pleasure is short-lived, and joy is long lasting. Joy has no relationship with your dopamine boost. The feelings of joy cannot be measured nor be forgotten. It will remain long after the hour has passed.
Even pain may be a source of Joy at certain moments, but no pleasure can connect both your mind and heart, it is just your mind playing the big game here.

10)An angry man is a mad man:

You are not a Lion to constantly roar at others. You are human and to be humane is to understand how much words can come from your mouth and how much your mind can think. Put a full stop to anger; it has ruined more lives than many legacies it has build.

11)Difference between Honesty and desirability:

Many are honest at certain times, but they never know what real honesty is all about. All they want to be desired by others at times. Temporary honesty is nothing but a sign of desirability. Sometimes attention seekers exhibit this desirability and confuse others by their honest acts.

12)Nothing difficult is achieved in a single day or even a single year:

It takes time and experience to build something worthwhile and to preserve the same takes an entire Lifetime. We are so eager to become millionaires in a single year and look for shortcuts. If you want permanent Success, there are no shortcuts. You need to keep grinding, this is the hard truth.

13)The best game to explain Life is Chess:

IN chess not all players move forward. To move to the last square, we need to step in all directions and assume all roles. Life is nothing but a real game of chess where we take different positions. Many times assuming the role of King always in this game is the most natural target for all your opponents.

14)Your Brain does not want your happiness:

Even after all the evolution process and technological advancements our brain is just tuned to keep us safe. It only knows FIGHT or FLIGHT nothing more. To want happiness is to rewire and think deeply.
Train your mind to remain still, You will understand the reason for your existence.

15)Always get impressed with the Wrong People:

People are not trained to look behind masks. We are just drama actors in this life. Develop the skill to see through other skin like an Xray. Learn the art of observation.No wonder we fall for the wrong person, wrong jobs, and wrongful life.

15)To Forgive is the only way to move forward:

Carrying too much burden with you will make you fatigued in the journey of life. Hatred is more massive than love.No one goes to the swimming pool wearing Blazers and ties. If they do the heaviness of their dress is enough to ruin the experience. Shed the cloth of Hatred for its too heavy to swim in the ocean of life.

16)Learn to laugh at your mistakes:

If you really can laugh at your mistakes and move on, no one or no amount of criticism can harm you.
If someone makes fun of you, join them in their humour. Self-deprecating humour is the most significant sign of your self-esteem. All will learn that it is not worthy of criticising you.

17)Collect moments and not stuffs:

Consumerism is the invisible prison that we live in. We buy things that are never required.
It is effortless to differentiate the happiness that existed when you purchased your new i phone and when you became a father or mother. Cherish and love moments and not stuff. Practise minimalism it will be worth in your life.

18)Life goes faster than bullet Train:

Can you really describe what happened before a week, Life travels faster than light we can never catch something if we are too busy worrying. Going back in Time is only for the movies.

19)There is nothing called Simple Life:

If you are expecting a comfortable and straightforward life, You could be the only person who can anticipate this fantasy. There is nothing called a simple life. Its just life.
 Fate just searches for people who want to lead a simple life and then it starts its beautiful game. Just let fate know you are ready to face anything, then you will have a happy life. You can never stop Adversity, illness and fear of death.

20)If you want to improve read less but understand more:

We are very poor in retention capability. That is why supercomputers were invented right. How can you read 300 books in a year and remember everything and practice? Slow down your reading speed. Even if you read a single book make sure you apply the knowledge in your life. Take time to read and learn, its slow process. 10 years of experience cannot be gathered in a single day, that is the truth.

21)Avoid emotional extremes:

Learn to be calm under pressure. It is the most exceptional quality to be learned, and it will demand your entire lifetime.In this world of unwanted noise if you can be calm, then you can understand the meaning of the most soothing word called Tranquility.

22)There is no END in Life:

There is a huge correlation between Life and video games. The game is not over when you lose, the game will be over only when you quit. So embrace losing but never quitting. Sometimes losing will be your greatest game-changer. Every loser can be the greatest gainer. This is the highest rule in life. Some may learn this rule early in their life and win to succeed.

If you really loved reading I would ask you to comment on your own set of rules for a simple(sorry!)Life

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