2018, The Year of The Ascent

An Instance of Rising Through The Air. Catch it! Execute If You Dare! Breathing Air, We Rise Up Our New Year's Intentions, While We Leave Self-Doubt Down There.

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ASCENT – noun: an instance of rising through the air/ synonyms: rise. climb. launch. take off. liftoff. blastoff.   #2018

So tell me of this constant need to be doing? To be on the go, never accepting slow?

What of this need, to constantly be thinking, consumed with fear, leading to drinking?

Why is there always a reason to focus on fear, what is the need, to always live here?

Why can’t enough be enough, what is the point of having so much stuff? What if simple replaces, weight — creating open spaces?

When will delusion, finally turn real? Is it simply perspective, based on how we feel?

How mediocre does it have to be, until it becomes so painful, that we finally see?

Where can we get so very quiet, that our answers will be loud enough to give our mind more clarity, and less riots?

Who will be the one to finally break us enough to say I’m done, so that we realize that we are our own sun?

Yes, tell me of this, let’s emerge from our shaded bliss.

Running so fast, an on-the-go blur,

Trying to change the past, and a future opportunity? Not so sure…

Yes, tell me of this, please just don’t dismiss!

Wait! Are you walking away?

Won’t you consider at least talking? Sit and stay?

Haven’t you heard me say?

what’s in the way, it the way

Oh, wait! What? You were just trying to keep me at bay?

Well then, go off again, my old friend.

Around the corner I know we will meet again.

12 months from now, with a curious vow —

To visit and sit in, to tell me of this constant need to be doing,

And with all the ideas you have ensuing.

Will you be ready then, to announce to me when?

Or will it again be that you take off?

Getting frustrated, and leaving with a scoff?

Each year seems the same doesn’t it?

We talk a good game, but our actions our lame.

Goodbye for once, goodbye for all…

I actually won’t be back to see you next fall.

For this time for real, I’m going to heal.

I’m going away, from this resolution cycle promise,

And making the year mine, filling it with calmness.

From my core, from my belly, I breathe in total belief —

In myself, I can do this, I breathe in the light I seek.

No more weight and no more dark.

I’m so excited, I can feel such a spark.

It comes from within, it comes from me.

And clarity reigns, the

— lightness of being.

In simplicity is seeing.

The vision be me, the one where I be-

Moving in presence.

Grooving in stillness.

Athletic in quiet.

Hear loud messages in silence.

Whispered ideas in the noise.

Abundance in the focus.

Clarity in Full Locust.

So I think we are done talking about these things we crave?

Because I don’t get it anymore…

I wrote down my intentions and I hit save.

In December of 2018 — I’ll write it all down, everything I gave-

To myself, to be my best-self, love thyself, full of self wealth.

So be off — out you go, find that next high, get to the next show.

Or come stand by me, accountability is cool you see?

We can get it all done.

We will look back, we will have won.

We are breathing .

We are presence.

We are love.

What fun I have had discussing philosopy, in poetry.

Telling me of things we didn’t know carried so much weight.

Now burden is gone, that road was long.

We start anew, full moon song.


Renew, refresh, restart —

Standing mountain pose.

Open space.

Open heart.

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