15 Questions to Ask Yourself When You’re Feeling Indecisive & Need to Make a ‘Big’ Decision.

Questions me and my husband learned to ask ourselves to help us make a ‘BIG’ decision when purchasing our first RV. Imagine this… it was a beautiful May weekend, me and my husband were lounging outside on the deck. The sky was blue, the sun was shining down on us- warming our skin, as a […]

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Questions me and my husband learned to ask ourselves to help us make a ‘BIG’ decision when purchasing our first RV.

Imagine this… it was a beautiful May weekend, me and my husband were lounging outside on the deck. The sky was blue, the sun was shining down on us- warming our skin, as a light breeze carried the scent of freshly cut grass. It was the ideal weekend morning

We were experiencing all the stirrings of Summer. Chatting about booking off Summer holiday time, which we had left pretty much to the last minute (yikes!), and about our 3 year old tent trailer that we just discovered had two cracks in part of the outside storage bin.

Now, this tent trailer was in pristine condition up to this point; roomy and still had the lingering ‘new’ smell to it- but now we had to consider what the cost would be to fix it and whether or not it was covered under warranty.  

The tent trailer had been parked in rv storage against the outer wooden fence so we weren’t sure whether this new damage was due to the frigid winter weather we experienced orif someone had climbed over the fence, jumped down and walked across the top.

This discussion led into a whole new conversation about the possibility of trading in our tent trailer to purchase a hard-sided RV so that we could do more bear country camping in the mountains (I’ve had 9 too many bear encounters while camping growing up-so we hadn’t taken the tent trailer out in “bear country” the past 3 years), plus have less chance of recurring damage like we just experienced.

Our ‘BIG’ decision was about upgrading from a Tent Trailer to a much larger RV which we’ve never experienced before. We did all this during a period of transitional uncertainty.

The “transitional uncertainty” involves our 2 boys who are 20 and 15 years old. We had to consider the reality that within 2–3 years, most-likely, our boys wouldn’t even have time to go camping with us. Already, our 20yr old had only come out one time over the past 3 years! (And we had ample room in our 2016 Viking 2308ST tent trailer).

What a crazy thing to think about! We’re heading into a whole new “season” of life with young adult children! (How did this happen?!)It’s surreal. I don’t feel as “old” as I thought I would at 42.

The idea of purchasing an RV was planted in our minds and we began doing a bit of stealth research by looking through the available options at the RV shop that we purchased our tent trailer from.

After a night of scrolling through a variety of options online, we decided to go in and have some fun just looking around at the RV’s.We had zero expectations and were just being curious.

However, one thing we did was pay attention to the weight of each RV. We knew that our Toyota Tacoma could only pull up to 6500 lbs. (with the tow package), so we only looked at units(RV’s/Travel Trailers) that were well under 6000 lbs..

Then we went back, and the salesman greeted us with much more enthusiasm than the night before.We figured he realized we were serious. Anyways, we showed him our list of the exact RV’s we wanted to see. Happily he drove us around on the company golf cart from RV to RV.

After that first night we went home with so many more questions and wanted more clarity on a few things. So we did more research onlineand got all the details of each RV we were really liking, including the prices, weights, features we loved, etc…

After all this, we finally brought down our choices to 4 options.They all had amazing floor plans and features.

We were totally undecided.

We went back home the second day and immediately discussed what type of camping “lifestyle” we were going to live over the next 10 years.

Some questions that came up for us:

  • Were we going to travel into the mountains a lot?
  • Take long roadtrips OR stay local?
  • How much longer were the kids really going to keep coming camping with us?
  • How much do we want to spend on gas/maintenance?
  • Do we want to easily be able to go for a 3 day camping weekend trip or only on 2 week spurts at a time? (This would determine the size of RV)
  • How much will it cost for storage? And WHERE are RV storage facilities? (our current one would not allow room)

Next we…started jotting down a “Pros” & “Cons” list for each option, became clearer on what features were non-negotiables and which we didn’t like at all.

We Youtubed videos giving a walk through of all the models we liked.

Soon we scratched off one of the larger RV units.

Now there were only 3 choices left!

All three had their own Pros and Cons. So, last minute, we decided that this time we’d go back to the RV lot and take our children with us so that they could test out the beds and give their input on the final 3 choices (although they knew my husband and me would be making the final decision-we still wanted the boys to feel a part of this process).

As we all walked in we were greeted by another friendly salesman. We were free to roam a bit and went into each of the 3 RVs we were choosing between. We began with the smallest unit. Immediately we knew that it was way too compact when all four of us were in it.We could fit, but if it rained while camping it would feel pretty cramped. So we went on to see the middle sized choice.

This one had fabulous features almost everything we wanted and could desire. But there were still some things about it we didn’t quite like and weren’t sure if they would cause problems, or cost us money, in the future.

Then there was the last RV choice. It was spacious and beautiful. It had all the features we wanted, or could want, and more! BUT, the weight of it would put us really close to our max towing ability.

We knew the biggest and nicest one would cost more in gas, would be heavier to pull for our truck and may be a deterrence for going on long road trips or short weekend trips

Another day passes and meanwhile we are addicted to looking at all our possible options. We read through pamphlets and then came to final 2 choices. One of which wasn’t even a consideration up until this point due to the size. It was smaller and had no bunks for the kids. They kept saying that they didn’t really mind because they’d mostly want to use their own tents anyways!

So, we ended up choosing a light-weight RV that was well made and would suit our desired camping lifestyle for the foreseeable future.

Sure, we did end up “sacrificing” a couple of ‘bells ‘n whistle’s’ (example: outdoor kitchen), but we feel really good about our decision and excited to get camping!

Maybe you’re in a place where your BIG decision is on a lesser scale or maybe on a much larger scale, such as whether or not to move cities or even move to a whole new country!

Maybe you’re deciding whether to adopt a child or to marry someone.

Maybe your big decision is whether to get a new job or start your own online business.

Whatever your BIG decision is, I wholeheartedly believe these 15 questions will help you make it in alignment with who you are, and what YOU really want, what you really need, minus the opinions, wants or expectations of those around you.

You deserve to make a choice that’s right for YOU and one that you can feel really good about.

Before asking yourself these 10 questions, let go of perfection. Accepting that whichever decision you make has a small chance that it may not end up with a picture perfect story ending… but also coming to peace with believing that whatever the outcome — this was your divine path.

That your decision, and the resulting experiences of that decision, is exactly what is meant to be. Trust it.

Think of the “Serenity Prayer” that says:

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can and wisdom to know the difference.”

Sure, not every decision we make is going to pan out how we anticipated, but there will always be a lesson of wisdom to take away from it.

That being said, I would encourage you to THINK POSITIVE! Imagine the best scenario and believe for the best result.Your thoughts, emotions and spent energy will be given to the positive or negative outcomes.

Which way would you rather think and feel?

I’m guessing you’re an intelligent being who desires to think and feel positive about making the right/best choices. Soooo…. let’s go with that!

Now that you’ve decided to accept whatever outcome may happen due to the choice you’re going to make, grab a journal and pen or open your Google Doc/ Notes. Take your time working through answering the questions that relate to you the most.

Here’s 15 Questions to ask yourself:

  1. What’s a non-negotiable to me? (List out all the non-negotiables)
  2. What outcome am I after?
  3. Is this in alignment with my values, goals and desired lifestyle?
  4. What would choosing this fill in my life?
  5. What DO I really want?
  6. What DON’T I want?
  7. Is this choice being made to IMPRESS others or EXPRESS and please me?
  8. What reservations do I have? (List them and address each one)
  9. Who will my decision impact and in what ways?
  10. What are the Pros and Cons of each choice? (Write a comparison list)
  11. Which of these choices would I regret not choosing the MOST?
  12. What does my mind say?
  13. What does my heart say?
  14. What are my options?
  15. What’s ‘non-negotiable’ for me?

Still feeling unsure?

Here’s 4 final questions to help you: Go through these questions one-at-a-time for each final choice you have:

I invite you to jot down your first initial THOUGHT response. THEN, jot down what your heart/gut/intuition is ‘telling’ you.

  1. What’s still holding me back from choosing this?
  2. If I don’t choose this, will I regret it 7 days, 7 weeks, 7 month, 7 years from now? Why? Why not?
  3. Take a moment and really FEEL & ‘SEE’ yourself as if you’ve chosen this one thing/path/option (Yes, stir up those emotions and use your visionary senses to imagine seeing yourself living with the choice you’ve made). Then write down what you think/feel.
  4. Which choice excites or fulfills you more?

Go with that and remember to let go of perfection in the outcome.Trust that you made the right choice for you and there’s always a lesson to learn along the way. Believe for the most positive outcome…and accepting that even if it doesn’t pan out how you thought, you still made the right decision at the time.


The road you choose to travel will have hills, valleys and lead you ultimately to your destination.

Find JOY in the JOURNEY and THRILL in the ADVENTURE!

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