10 Surprising Marriage Tips from a Divorce Lawyer

Some effective tips according to a divorce lawyer to save your marriage.

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Even if you are happily married, the D-word might have popped your mind a few times. Thinking of leaving your spouse is never a wise choice for anyone at any age. In case you are planning to get divorced, it is the right time you have to sit and rethink about your decision. There are a few things that can be done to avoid falling prey to the D-word.

1. Better Understanding of Your Marriage

You have to
understand that marriage is all about a relationship. You have to try and focus
on fulfilling the goals together. You and your partner have to focus on making
things work perfectly for your marriage. You have to keep in mind that marriage
is always about fresh beginning on daily basis. You have to try and start with
your new life every day. This will help in overcoming the frustration of being
married for a couple of years. You need to remember that your marriage is your
commitment for your life time. Understand feelings of your partner. Send them inspirational good morning quotes & text messages to cheer up the day.

2. Visit Therapist Very Often

Within the initial stage of your marriage, a lot of things and changes take place in your life. During this time, it becomes more important to try and maintain perfect balanced relationship. First few initial years of marriage may be most important so you need counseling at least once or twice a year. This will offer you guidelines to help solve a lot of your problems. It will also prove helpful in developing your communication skills with your partner.

3. Being Adventurous with Your Partner

During your married cycle it is obvious that you have to try and avoid creating sex attribute problems. Most people end up married life on account of unhealthy sexual life in the early days. Play some romantic songs over piano to arouse her. If you are not familiar about playing piano you can try some online resources to learn. Your healthy sex life is one thing that can in fact save your marriage for a number of years. You should not hesitate in trying out new techniques and positions very often. 

4. Set Boundary Line for Your In-laws

There are chances that in-laws can be annoying at times, but you and your partner have to decide a boundary line for your in-laws. It is advisable to enter a very comprehensive talk with your spouse on this matter. You have to avoid your in-laws taking control of your married life. The moment this happens it is obvious that it can affect your married life.

5. Avoid “never” and “always” Words

“Always” and “never” are two set of words that will only create indifferences between the two. This means that it is always advisable to avoid falling in conflict very often with your partner. It proves more helpful to compliment each other for small things you do every day or in the past. You can always appreciate the good times you had with each other for past years.

6. Avoid Venting Each Other

There are a number of factors that can elevate your frustrations. Even when speaking to your best friend, avoid complaining about your partner. This is one of the factors that can weaken your married relationship. It can at the same time also help in fuelling your ego and anger. It is advisable to try and resolve issues rather than fuelling your anger.

7. Discuss Very Often

Even after marriage, it is important to enter into communication with your partner about the good times you have had earlier with her. You should very often share some of your best feelings for her. This will surely make both of you comfortable with each other.

8. Plan a Yearly Vacation with Her

Even if you are facing economic crises, still it is advisable to plan a yearly vacation alone with your spouse. This will also help in overcoming the stress of a married life for both. Vacations have the power to reconnect two of you together during any age. You can simple plan a simple weekend with her where you get time to spend alone with her.

9. Offer Helping Hand Very Often

Even if you are having very busy schedule during the day, still you should try and offer with helping hand at the dinner table. Even if you are not able to handle everything on your own still provide with some assistance. So if your wife enjoys cooking then you should take time to clean up the mess at the dinning table.

10. Short Term Goals

Marriage is all about commitment between two people belonging to different families. It is important that you may have to treat her with same importance as your family members. You should try and appreciate short term achievements for your partner. Try and reward them very often by praising her.

You have to keep in mind that focusing on above mentioned goals will help save your marriage. It is advisable to celebrate your marriage every weekend.

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