10 People Reveal The Most Powerful Life Advice Their Therapists Ever Gave Them

“If you can imagine the worst thing, you can imagine the best thing.”

Caroline Moss / Twitter
Caroline Moss / Twitter

If you’re a human, chances are you’ll go through your fair share of “stuff” — challenges, setbacks, emotional hardships, and tough-to-navigate experiences. A benefit of therapy is that it helps you work through all this stuff, while also giving you the tools to develop your emotional intelligence and boost your happiness. And though the reasons that bring people to therapy are unique from person to person, the lessons learned are often universal. That’s why we love this Twitter thread, where author Caroline Moss asked the Twitterverse to share “the best thing they learned at therapy.” Here, 10 of the responses that filled us with hope.

1. Yelling doesn’t help.

2. When your body tells you it’s tired, listen.

3. It’s as easy to imagine best-case scenarios as it is to think about the worst ones.

4. Stop worrying about what others think of you. Ask: What do I think of them?

5. Closing yourself off from love is exhausting — don’t do it.

6. Being happy doesn’t mean you never have to experience everything else — including sadness.

7. “If it’s hysterical, it’s historical.” In other words, sometimes our reactions have more to do with old triggers than current circumstances. 

8. You are not broken beyond repair.

9. Not everyone deserves your vulnerability.

10. Feelings aren’t facts.

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