10 Best Self-care Tips for a Healthy Life

Gone are those days when people used to live for a hundred years without any hiccups however now the average age of a healthy person is just seventy-four years. The kind of lifestyle we have, I think whatever years we live after the age of sixty, is all grace period. To live longer and have […]

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Gone are those days when people used to live for a hundred years without any hiccups however now the average age of a healthy person is just seventy-four years. The kind of lifestyle we have, I think whatever years we live after the age of sixty, is all grace period.

To live longer and have a healthy life, there are a few self-care tips that we can practice and take charge of our lifespan. You may find hundreds of tips on how to take care of yourself or best ways practice self-care however in this article we will touch base the most basic self-care tips that are easy to follow.

What Are Self-care Tips?

Self-care tips are a set of activities that are done with an intent to reduce stress, boost your energy level, and regaining healthy you. Self-care never means being selfish. It’s all about taking time for self out of this stressful life and regaining your physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.

Why Practice Self-care?

Self-care can shower huge benefits for your physical, mental or psychological wellbeing. This is the best stress management process to control your blood pressure, heart rate, digestion and other systems of your physical health. Self-care also calms your mind and helps you fight stress, anxiety, depression or any other mental trauma. It helps you feel motivated and nurtures positiveness in your thought process.

How to Take Care of Yourself – Best Self-care Tips for a Healthy Life

Start Your Day with a Bottle of Water

Every doctor will advise that you should have plenty of water every day. One should drink a minimum of 4 liters of water (15 cups) a day however the average intake is around 2.5 liters. I’ll suggest instead of a glass, drink a bottle full of lukewarm water within the first 10 minutes after you wake up. If you have grown fatty, you may also add up 3 teaspoons of lemonade with honey to cut down your fat.

Pump Up Some Iron

Start your day with a light exercise if you are a beginner or pump up some iron if you are a pro. Exercise every day for 15 minutes or more to keep your muscles moving and active. You may also practice yoga or meditation if you have extra time. As per your age and ambiance, you can start your day with a brisk walk, skipping, cycling, swimming or stretching. Get your body to 101 degrees a few times every month.

Take a Cold Shot

Whenever you take a shower, always spend the last 30 seconds in cold water. This will ignite a big burst of energy level as your body will try to conserve heat and boost up your blood circulation. Avoid it in case of illness or extremely cold weather. You’ll feel recharged and full of energy once you come out of the cold shower.

Have a King Size Breakfast

As they say, one should have a breakfast like a king lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper. Add a lot of fruits, juices or fiber-rich products in your breakfast so that you feel energetic throughout the day. Try to eat one fruit for the entire week and then move on to the next fruit to juice up vitamins in your blood cells.

Let the Music Flow in Your Nerves

Music is the best therapy one can have for all circumstances. Music can pump up the energy in you when it flows into your DNA. Music helps in reducing stress & anxiety and can swing your mood as you want it. It is recommended to play some positive music, motivational music, instrumental or meditational music as per your taste.

Stay Positive and Spread Happiness

Start your day on a positive note! Start happy, focused and joyful throughout the day. Spread smiles and don’t hesitate to laugh out loud whenever you get a chance. Remember, those smiles will come back to you whenever you are in need! Thinking positive in every aspect is an art and one should master it by practicing positiveness in everything.

“Laughing with friends not only improvise feel-good hormones in your brain but also strengthen your relationship and bonding with friends.”

Relax Your Eyes or Body After Every 2 Hours

Those who spend 10-12 hours a day staring at the screen should relax their eyes for 5 minutes every 2 hours. Take a break and move your eyes off the screen as and when you get time. Stretch your body with light exercise to relax your back, neck, and arms. Too much strain on your eyes may cause you headache or vision issues in the longer run. Close your eyes if you get a chance for a few mins.

Stay Close to Nature

Take yourself outdoor and try to be close to nature. Natural ambiance and atmosphere may boost up your energy level and lead you to a happy and healthy life. Research says those who live close to nature live long and healthy. Expose yourself to a riverbank, a garden, witness sunrise or sunset, go camping whenever it is possible, try out trekking or off-roading once a week for the blessings of nature.

Set Your Own Rules and Targets

Challenge yourself! Set targets and work hard to achieve them. This will build your self-confidence and boost up your moral. You should always have some rules and Do’s & Don’ts in life. Never cross that limit and never ever indulge yourself in an activity that reminds you of your cruelty, failure, guilt or negativity. It’s true that you should live limitless however always consider if your actions will be accepted in the society or not.

Reward or Treat Yourself with the Best

Celebrate each success regardless of it is small or big for you. Gift yourself something you desire on your payday and treat yourself on every weekend. It works for me! It can be a fine dine or a cocktail party with friends surrounded by loud music. Rewarding self works best if you are suffering from mental trauma, stress, anxiety or depression.

Summing Up

There are numerous other activities that you can perform for self-care practices. Take sound sleep for a minimum of eight hours. Spend as much time as you can with your family, friends and loved ones. Go out to a dinner or a movie if you get a chance or invite friends at your place and be the best host. Learn to say ‘NO’ to things you dislike and tasks that overburden you. Prioritize your work and manage your time more efficiently. Take a break from your busy schedule and reward yourself for a trip to your favorite destination. Try some stress management apps to burn your stress or see a therapist if it’s extremely needed. In the end, all I can say is,

“Live the Life You Love OR Love the Life You Live!”

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