10 Best Fruits for Weight Loss

Hearing someone say that we have gained a lot of weight is one of the most dreadful things, heavy on the heart and painful for the ears! And then begins the planning and plotting to lose all that weight. Sometimes, the plans involve rigorous exercises and fad diets. In the end, we do shed some […]

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Hearing someone say that we have gained a lot of weight is one of the most dreadful things, heavy on the heart and painful for the ears! And then begins the planning and plotting to lose all that weight. Sometimes, the plans involve rigorous exercises and fad diets. In the end, we do shed some weight, but it usually kicks back in or starts piling on the minute we get off our exercise and diet regimes. Instead of going through a tough drill, every time we put on a little weight. Is it not better to add some of the best fruits from Nature to our diet?

Fruits are ‘super foods.’ They are packed with nutrition. They have almost all the micronutrients that our body requires for our daily nutritional needs. Different groups of fruits have different benefits, but some of them are an absolute necessity to help you keep off all the extra weight while keeping you full and sated.

Some of the best fruits for weight loss that Mother Nature has bestowed us with include the following:


Did you know that one serving pack of raspberries has around 8 grams of fiber content, which is approximately one-third of the fiber that you should intake daily? Other berries like Strawberries and Blueberries are also extremely delicious, but they are surely one of the best fruits packed with nutrients like anthocyanin, an antioxidant that takes care of our heart. Raspberries contain an anti-cancer agent called ellagic acid.

Berries are also full of Vitamin C, which has amazing effects on our immunity and fights off inflammation, which is often an underlying cause of all those extra kilos that appear on our weighing scale. Vitamin C is also good for collagen in our skin.

Low in calories and high in fiber- berries are indeed a marvel!


Other fruits that make the list of the best fruits for weight loss include Pears. One normal-sized pear is loaded with almost 6 grams of fiber, loads of Vitamin C, and Potassium that is necessary for heart health.

6 grams of fiber make this fruit quite filling, which in turn prevents us from over binging on food. So next time when you want to grab a small packet of store-bought potato chips, you may as well eat a pear instead. It will fill you up and will be far more nutritious than chips!


This fruit satisfies both our sweet tooth as well as make our taste buds happy with its tanginess. It is not only full of Vitamin C, but it also contains almost 4 grams of fiber content. The key nutrient that Oranges contain includes Carotenoids, which are antioxidants that help in reducing belly fat! So, it’s not only the fiber content that will help you feel full, but the carotenoids will also have their magic on that stubborn belly fat.


It is the best fruit for your overall health. Apples are Mother Nature’s gift to us all. They are full of nutrients that help boost heart health and work miracles in patients with Type 2 Diabetes. Some research suggests that they have a positive effect on patients with Alzheimer’s disease. The skin of apples is rich in fiber, and it helps in weight loss too.


Despite common belief, bananas promote weight loss if taken in moderation. One banana contains almost 3 grams of fiber and some resistant starch, which is the key component that promotes fat burn while also improving gut health.


Grapefruit is commonly believed as the best fruit for weight loss, and rightly so! This superfood has a low glycemic index, which means that it releases sugars much slowly in our bloodstreams. This helps us feel sated and full for a long time. Fully loaded with Vitamin C and Vitamin A, this fruit and its juice must be included in your daily diets to keep extra fat away forever.


This fruit is full of nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin E, folate, fiber and provides a wide array of health benefits. Because of its low glycemic index and high fiber content, it is one of the best fruits that are available on this planet for weight loss.

Tomatoes: Did you know that Tomatoes are actually fruits, not vegetables? They are rich in flavanoids and boost weight loss because they act against Leptin resistance in the body. Leptin is a protein which prevents fat loss, and tomatoes prevent its resistance in the body, thus promoting weight loss. However, remember that tomato ketchup or canned tomatoes are not included in the best fruits for weight loss!


Extremely low in calories and high in water content. Very refreshing fruits that help you feel full for a long time. Watermelons are rich in amino acids Arginine, which promote belly fat loss. Melons are usually sweet and energizing, but having them with a little bit of lime juice and Himalayan salt is heavenly!

Make a drink of watermelon and lime juice and add some chia or basil seeds to it. You will not only feel very satisfied, but the combination of all three things will boost your metabolism and lead to weight loss.


Another fruit included in the list of the best fruits for weight loss is Papaya. It is rich in fibre that keeps you full. It contains enzymes that reduce any distress in the gastrointestinal tract, and also promotes the reduction in abdominal bloating. While having it, one should be mindful of its portion though. According to research by Thesis Help, Too much of Papaya can cause diarrhoea in some cases. So, whatever weight loss this diarrhoea due to overconsumption of papaya may lead to is nothing but the loss of water content from your body, and that is neither healthy nor permanent!

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