10 Activities to Reduce Workplace Stress in 2020

In the working life, we all stressed out due to excess of work, mental pressure, family problems, career tension, and many more reasons. And some career is filled with stress. But eventually, due to stress, you will slowly-slowly lose your passion and success. When this happens to you, it feels like a combination of regret, […]

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In the working life, we all stressed out due to excess of work, mental pressure, family problems, career tension, and many more reasons. And some career is filled with stress. But eventually, due to stress, you will slowly-slowly lose your passion and success. When this happens to you, it feels like a combination of regret, anger, anxiety, depression, etc. Overall it is not a pleasing thing.

When stress is undressed, it leads to negative behavior and conflicts. The primary question is how to reduce the pressure at the workplace or what are the ways to reduce the stress. Here are ten ways we have listed down realistic and practical ways to convert your stress into positive energy. Have a look.

Activities to Reduce Workplace Stress

  1. Exercise:

Exercise is one of the best and effective ways to reduce stress. It helps in two means. One it releases the endorphins around the body, which is a natural anti-depressant. You also feel energized. Another reason is when we do exercise, we are releasing all the negative energy and feel calm. Note that exercise does not mean running, walking, or weightlifting. You can do yoga, Zumba, or any other training that releases endorphins and gives you energy. As a company owner, you can extend the lunch break for a workout or gives a paid membership of the gym to all employees for a healthy lifestyle.

  • Socialize:

Do not bottle up your feelings if you are stressed at your workplace. If you do so, it renders in your mind and gets worse with time. Talk with your friends, colleagues, or chill out after work might release all the bad feelings from your shoulders. The funny part of sharing it, when you tell your feelings, you will find that other people feel the same. It brings some laugh on the table and lightens the mood.

  • Work Communication:

Work communication is a professional way of communication and similar to socializing. At work, your colleagues will help you to sort out any confusion related to your work and task. Proper communication improves your professional contacts and works efficiency. Instead of traditional ways like daily meet at the beginning of the day or end of the day, you can use team messaging apps or cool WhatsApp group. Here, people ask a question and find an answer from people. Work-related problems will solve by speaking with your manager. Speaking openly as it helps the person on another end to understand your viewpoint.

  • Healthy Diet:

What we eat reflects on our health and mood. Diet is not only about weight loss. A healthy Kitchen Recipe leads to a healthy diet and helps you to reduce stress. Research for the food or homemade recipes that help you to minimize the pressure at the workplace. You can bring dark chocolate, pistachios like dry fruits, dry snacks, and blueberries. You can easily find it in local stores. As an employer, you can also plan to offer such stress releasing snacks to all of the employees. Most of the companies place a coffee machine and a small fridge loaded with chocolates. You can also try it as an owner.

  • Games:

Playing games is the simplest way and highly engaging activity to reduce stress. Set a game zone and place some gaming boards like Foosball Table, carom, cards, etc. Instruct all of the employees to spend some time there.

  • Reading:

Those who love reading are know how simple and effective it is. When you read the book, you reach to another world, a tiny little perfect word that reduces your stress instantly. When you read the article or anything else on your phone screen, it irritates eyes due to brightness. That’s why go for a book; it does not cost too much from your pocket. Kindle like application and device also helps you a lot to find out your desired book. Give a break to your al social media and try to focus on reading; it will surely help you.

  • Celebrate:

Celebrating different occasion and achievement at the company boost the spirit of the staff and keep them together. It can be done by arranging a gaming event, celebrating local events and festivals, or asking staff to bring food and eat together on some particular day. All these form a bond and make them happy for the work and space both. As an employee, you can also throw a party to your colleagues, not on a big scale but for your group or department. It’s always fun.

  • Stretching:

Yes, at the workplace, we can’t wander as we do at home or in the garden, but at least we can do little stretching at our place. It is a great activity without many efforts. It also brings some extra energy for work, relaxes your body, and reduce the stress level in your mind.

  • Meetings:

Weekly meetings are the best approach to find the work progress. Meetings do not always lead to the work discussion. Try to go out of track and talk on different topics like the best practical approach or some general questions. Ask all the employees to put their views so that all the team members connect with others easily. The high engagement of the working staff leads to less stress. If you don’t believe me, install Security Camera and see their expression and find the difference in body language and confidence level after such kind of meetings.

  1. Music:

Music has the power to take you to an entirely new world. It attaches to our emotions and makes our day better. For me, this works perfectly. From morning to evening, my songs are my companion with work. You can work with more focus as it switches your stress mode into the happy mode and releases stress from your mind and body.

At the workplace, you can put 90 Inch LCD TVs in the pantry area or working area. People listen to music and do work. I know you might think that how can do it, but it is the 21st century, where workplaces are not the traditional one where people come, work silently and leave. You can also wear your earphone if you don’t like the general music.


It is all about the activities to release stress at the workplace. I know you may like some titles and hate some. But at least one or two option of your choice is enough to reduce stress. A happy place is always to encourage employees to work. As an employer, you have to create such an environment. Try to change a few stressful things and see the change!!

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