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The Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Liberation Of Men, In R&B Singer, Rotimi's, Song "100," and Its Holistic Connection To Universal Femininity, Enchantment, and Love! #BreakTheStigma #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth 🌕

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(Source:; Edited By Lauren Kaye Clark
(Source:; Edited By Lauren Kaye Clark

The number, 100, hints into Universal allure. A mystery of insight. You wonder where the 00’s lead. If you were to simply follow them, where would you be in Universal timing? There is a sacred entity concerning this number. Perfumes of infinity lay in its bosom. Furthermore, it is nourished in the womb of infinite greatness. Self determination and independence are its wings.

Many times people associate the number 0 with nothingness. Yet, nothing could be further from the truth. In actuality, 0 is the number which is symbolic of what is yet to be seen. It is from 0, where the other numbers derive. The sacredness of this number extends passed reality and into the realm of the imagination. In order for us to understand the magnitude of its power, we have to imagine its connection to a greater power and force than our own. And, if we are to understand the true timing and magnitude of this number, our attuning to the Universal world is a necessary tool. Furthermore, what should also be understood is how the Moon’s spacing continues to glitter riches and emeralds from those Universal worlds, which are only spoken about in fairy tales; or those who dared to dream in galaxies.; Edited By Lauren Kaye Clark

In the song “100,” from the latest Unplugged Sessions EP, of singer and actor Rotimi, listeners are presented with the Moon’s tale of rhythm, syncopation, and dreams. As the guitar is vigilant, and ever present, in performing the essence and dreamy aura of water. The blessing of such an instrument is that it articulates the powers of stillness and movement, simultaneously. The pace and rhythm of the guitar sets the foundation for dreams. A mind’s drifting into the wonders of greater, Universal worlds, where an intriguing dynamic between the feminine and masculine are intertwined in a way, that it truly provides healing to others. It liberates them, and gives them permission to feel healing’s delight.; Edited By Lauren Kaye Clark

“Like the way you speak to my body, devotion. . . Like the waves, when the moon hits the ocean You take me to a place, got me caught in my emotions Cuz’ I’ve been runnin’ from the evils Yeah, I know a lot of people They always want something, times two. . .”

The first two phrasings of this verse creates a sentimental euphoria, foretelling the power of words to water. For some reason water performs the presence, shape, patter, feeling, and overall sensory of words. Words are vocal energies to the Universe, and when they are spoken over traces of water, an invitation between Divinity and the Earth, arises. Words are simply more than forces of communication. They are sources of radiance, vivacity, and illumination. Having the power to reveal what is hidden, they make the invisible, seen! So, when R&B singer, Rotimi, eloquently articulates the verse, “you take me to a place, got me caught up in my emotions,” subconsciously, he is foretelling of spiritual elevation. One, that colors his mental and emotional psyche. And, that “place,” is one which cannot be observed with the naked eye. First, and foremost, it can only be felt. It is the feeling which leads the eyes to see. That’s the very genius of this particular phrasing, alone. There is a twist in the order of sensory. People often say that “seeing is believing.’ However, through this lyrical ballad, one has to be open to feeling the very sparkle of that very place.

When Rotimi sings “got me caught in my emotions,” there is clearly an element of healing, which has taken place in the realm of masculinity. Not only has man become re-connected to his naturalness, and intertwining, with the feminine, but he has also been liberated from artificial, and societal, barriers, which have unfairly removed men, in having any right to their emotional sector. For men, in today’s world, to get involved and intertwine with their sensitivities, is a revolutionary act; a display into healthier versions of masculinity and wellness. It also translates as men having the ability to re-align and recognize their pain. Thereby, they are released from the agony of a silent, mental prison, in which many of them are restricted to. Society has ordained it as so, until these recent times!

And, let’s not forget about the energy drainers. Those individuals, who are great at taking, exploiting, and using up the spiritual (and Universal) richness of others; yet, have not done the work in building up their own energy supply, in order to be equal contributors to the sources of energetic production and creativity. “Cuz’ I’ve been runnin’ from the evils, Yeah I know a lot of people, They always want something, times two. . .” That particular verse states everything of that matter, in a terse amount of words. Yet, when man is comforted, nourished, and loved, truly loved, in that sacred spacing, he doesn’t have to “run,” anymore!; Edited By Lauren Kaye Clark

The way that you wind it Oh, you get me blind sided Cuz,’ if I had zero, still got you

Another intriguing factor relaying to this entire song is the rhythm and movement of the sacred feminine. In the previous phrasing, connecting the number 0 to the movement of a woman, takes listeners to the mystique of feminine dance and interludes. It is more than enticement and lust. In fact, the word play “wine” (Jamaican patois) is connected to the lower body of woman’s beat. Simultaneously, in standard English, woman’s essence is connected to the natural winds. A source of direction, and when connected to the spiritual essence of words, it is the Earthly performance of woman. It is the movement into how a man can be guided to that special place. That space of elevated euphoria and intimacy, where one is introduced to a different landscape, in his performance with womanhood. In man’s connection to the illusion of nothingness, he comes to find what true richness and abundance really is.

I’ll give you 100, 100, 100 I’ll give you 100, 100, 100 Just ask when you want it, you want it, you want Just ask when you want, I got’ chu. . .”

The reverberations of 100 continues to echo, and its vibrations are ignited into the realm of infinity. The fact that there are two 0’s in the number 100, brings balance, and further highlights there being more that will proceed. The number 0 connects to infinite potential and creativity. There is nothing lonely about its very existence. In fact it is connected to a greater realm of productivity, and wealth, that one can ever realize. When two of them come together, humanity is force to go and explore the existence of their meanings. There is no room for idle behavior and devaluing its very existence, simply because one doesn’t care to explore it, further. And, in journeying into this Universal realm with the feminine, she too, is protected and remains a sacred entity for this voyage.

“Take you just as you are I know the real ones from the fake You’re something from the stars How you escape Heaven’s gates; Edited By Lauren Kaye Clark

For a man to engage in the naturalness of the feminine, he must become bare. Spiritually, mentally, and emotionally! “Take you just as you are” is not only for the Universal feminine, but also for his very own existence. When there is naturalness to the essence of womanhood, man can be himself. No secrets. No lies. No facade. This too, is a form of mental and emotional liberation, of the masculine persuasion. The Universal realm is re-ignited within this verse. Man’s experiment with woman, is more than for flesh’s fulfillment and pleasure. Though, that is desirable, there is a greater awakening, it is connected to. When a particular intertwining is real, Heaven ordains it. Channeling the number 100 back into the Universal realm, man is clearly on the right track when it pertains to understanding the mystery and holistic wellness of the feminine Being.

In the song “100,” man has clearly been released of the shackles, that other have mandated for him. His journey feels lighter, and there is a desire to journey into that special place. A desirable place unknown to much of humanity. Yet, those who are in tuned to water, are guided in a way, that others are not. Allowing moon’s whispers to gloss across the water, sends vibrations to listening Spirits of where to go. “Wining” to their next direction, and being guided by the feminine to do so. This song is a poetic, love letter to the sacred nature of feminine identity. However, in man’s ability to convey his emotions-going to the deepest core of his emotional psyche-he is able to connect with a beautiful sector of his masculinity, that he didn’t even know was there. Its soothing. Its comforting. And, its that release of fresh air, into the night, that only a wind, can carry! 100 stars for watery nights, of Universal moons’ decor!; Edited By Lauren Kaye Clark

For more information on the latest work of singer and actor, Rotimi, you may go on the following link: OR go to Twitter: @Rotimi; Edited By Lauren Kaye Clark

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