A First-Of-Its-Kind View Into Employee Resilience, 
Well-Being and Burnout

Company leaders can see the Burnout Risk and the Resilience Score of their people, leading indicators of organizational culture, performance, attrition, and more. We bring in data from employees – including calendar, biometrics, device usage, and self-assessments – and from the company – including productivity, attrition, and more - to create a complete view of your organization.

Our Solutions

Targeted Employee Recommendations

The Thrive Mental Resilience Dashboard helps your organization move from awareness to action, delivering key insights and behavioral interventions to improve resilience and decrease burnout. It's the ideal combination of information and inspiration to help your employees when they need it most.

Custom Insights & Analytics

Leaders will be able to view their analytics by region or team but all data will, of course, be anonymized and aggregated in full compliance with HIPAA, and no individual data will ever be exposed in the dashboards.

Company Data on Productivity & Performance

To create a complete view of mental resilience, burnout, and performance, we will work with you to integrate with office productivity and calendar systems, corporate communication (email, messaging) and HRIS systems.

Closing the Loop

Our targeted approach allows your organization's leaders to measure and manage employee stress and improve your teams' mental resilience, leading to happier and higher-performing employees.

Trusted by some of the world's leading enterprises

Bank Of America
JPMorgan Chase & Co

"As we continued to think about expanding our mental well-being offerings, we realized there was an opportunity to do more around preventative care. Salesforce partnered with Thrive Global because their solutions in the behavioral health space are robust, global, and truly impressive."

Jody Kohner

Senior Vice President, Employee Engagement

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