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What’s the Source of Your Money Stress?

Take this quiz to better understand your biggest money stressors, and the small, actionable steps that will help you move beyond them.

Our relationship with money is deeply connected to our physical and mental health, and how we feel about ourselves. Money is the #1 stressor for Americans, according to the American Psychological Association, and unchecked stress levels have been linked to issues from heart disease to diabetes to depression. The good news is that there’s a powerful, impactful approach to managing our finances and our health, based on the latest brain science showing that starting small — with too-small-to-fail Microsteps — is the most effective way to make habits stick. Take this quiz to zone in on your top financial stressor and learn a Microstep that will help you take control of your financial and overall health, one small step at a time.
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When your credit card bill arrives each month, you:
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