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How Crafting Helped Heal Me Through Breast Cancer

by Jennie Smith
Courtesy of bygermina/Shutterstock

Why the Artificial Heart Is Essential for Inclusive Healthcare

by Mimi Swartz
Courtesy of Tone It Up
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The Tone It Up Girls Share How to Tap Into Your Surroundings to Alleviate Stress

by Lindsey Benoit O'Connell
Adam Kuylenstierna / EyeEm/ Getty Images
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The Most Fascinating Thing That Happens in Your Brain While You’re Sleeping

by Baba Shiv, Ph.D., M.B.A.
Maria Savenko/ Shutterstock
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7 Ways My “Tech Shabbats” Have Improved My Happiness and Well-Being

by Tiffany Shlain
Courtesy of B.Forenius/Shutterstock
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Microstep for Well-Being: 5 Reasons To Bring a Plant To Work

by Danielle Sinay
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Creator of Netflix’s “Insatiable,” Lauren Gussis, Has the Best Mantras to Help Manage Stress

by Lindsey Benoit O'Connell
Getty Images
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Mika Brzezinski on How to Deal With “Emotion Mind” in a Turbulent Political Time

by Alexandra Hayes
Courtesy of Victoria Arlen
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ESPN’s Victoria Arlen Wants You To Take A Step Back and Breathe

by Lindsey Benoit O'Connell
Courtesy of Hannah Hart
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Hannah Hart’s Strategies for Dealing With Holiday Stress and Social Comparison

by Lindsey Benoit O'Connell
Thomas Barwick/ Getty Images
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Parents: Here’s How to Teach Your Kids About Mental Health

by Mallika Chopra
PeopleImages/ Getty Images
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3 Ways to Build Mentally Healthier Tech Habits

by David Klein
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