Vipul Gupta


Vipul is CEO of a marketing firm and has run over 150+ national and international consumer marketing promotions with partners mostly in the US and Canada. He has a background working on connections, ideas, and innovation. This includes making connections from scratch with some of the biggest movie and music stars of the Bollywood Indian industry trying to introduce them to Hollywood, working on trying to introduce unique cuisines, getting attention of royalty overseas to save elephants, and basically picking up the phone or emailing anytime something interesting is read especially which can help other people. Vipul has recently been focusing on bringing this same proactive spirit and innovation to help youth including his own 2 middle school kids to create opportunities for leadership in early ages beyond just book learning. He has also tried to help stop violence and been active in local efforts from recreation pathways and health to reaching out to athletes and execs with ideas to stop racism by having different races and athletes / entertainers tell stories jointly that move with a positive message.

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Kids can accelerate in education from diapers!

by Vipul Gupta
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