Vanessa Wang

I am the co-founder of W.A.R.M. (Women Anonymous Reconnecting Mentally).

W.A.R.M. is the FIRST support group in Taiwan to support women who struggle with mental health issues. Mental health related issues are sadly very much neglected and stigmatised in Taiwan.

W.A.R.M welcomes women from all walks of life to our weekly Sunday group meetings. We provide a nonjudgmental environment for women to gather together and talk about their struggles.

The goal of W.A.R.M. is to support women who struggle, we are a support group, not group therapy sessions. W.A.R.M. meetings are a safe platform for women to share and connect with each other, without any pressure, judgment, or expectations.

Within our growing support network, we see how women unite and empower each other. We welcome all ladies with any background to join our support network and help spread the idea that no woman is truly alone with her struggle.

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A women’s Mental Health Support Group: Going Beyond and Changing Society

by Vanessa Wang

W.A.R.M. First Women’s Mental Health support group in Taiwan

by Vanessa Wang
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