Dr Sophie Henshaw

Doctor of Psychology, Coach For Empath Entrepreneurs


Dr Sophie Henshaw is an Empath Entrepreneur, Author and Doctor of Psychology.

With a passion for helping empathic women take their professional skills online, she’s had 15+ years’ experience in the online space. She understands high to create a reputable, compelling online presence. In fact, if you Google: “Dr Sophie Henshaw,” you’ll get over 201,000 hits with all the posts, articles and media appearances she’s made over the years.

In her offline business, Dr Sophie works as a Clinical Psychologist with over 20 years’ experience helping clients recover from stress, anxiety and depression as a result of relationships with toxic people at work and at home.

She’s appeared on Channel 10, 6PR, 92.9FM, Huffpost Live and had articles published in PsychCentral, Women’s Agenda, NineMSN Health, Rebelle Society and the Huffington Post.

Join Dr Sophie Henshaw in her free Facebook group, Free Spirited Empaths here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/FreeSpiritedEmpaths. 

To listen to her podcast, go to: https://anchor.fm/freespiritedempaths

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7 signs your coach cares about you

7 Signs A Coach Cares More About YOU Than Your Cash

by Dr Sophie Henshaw
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