Shantera L. Chatman, MBA

Transformation Consultant

Shantera Chatman, President of PowHer Consulting, has chosen to blaze her own trail as she became a successful transformation consultant and community leader. From the moment she earned her degree from Texas A&M University, to the beginning of her stellar career at NASA as well as founding The Chatman Women’s Foundation in Houston, Texas, Shantera developed a set of guiding principles that made her successful at many Fortune 500 companies. She is now ready to share those principles to empower others.

Shantera weaves her experiences into powerful stories and interactive conversations that make her a sought-after speaker, consultant, and lecturer. As an Everything DiSC Authorized Partner, Shantera focuses on culture curation and building strong allies in the workplace. All the experiences and skills acquired throughout her 20+-year career make Shantera a strong speaker and leader. She is the author of PowHer Play: A Women’s Empowerment Guide, Embrace Resistance: How to Conquer Your Critics, emPowHering YOU: 12 Tips to Finding Your Voice and most recently, Transformative Ally: Advocacy, Support & Coexistence.

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How to Advance Diverse Talent and Create Equity in the Workplace

by Shantera L. Chatman, MBA
Lonely Woman

How Racial Unrest Affects Corporate America: Things to Consider Before You Engage

by Shantera L. Chatman, MBA
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