Scott Roberts


My grandfather was the grandson of the cofounder of the Proctor & Gamble company. Dr. Gamble raised my father after having an affair with my grandmother but never acknowledged him as his own. My wife and I recently discovered the affair that Dr. Gamble had with my grandmother while working with the Red Cross in Europe. The Gamble's eventually acknowledged knowing about the affair and went on to say that it had been a family secret all of these years. I asked them how they justify knowing about the affair and also knowing that I was raised in extreme poverty and never doing anything about it. Dr. Gamble was worth hundreds of millions on his death in 1959. He was the majority shareholder in Proctor & Gamble. Each one of his children and grandchildren went to the best schools and have always had the best that money can buy, all of their lives. I was raised in foster homes and an orphanage in Los Angeles. I was never able to get a decent education and have struggled immensely over my entire life. I was on a work crew at the orphanage at a very young age and have worked mostly manual labour jobs since then. Dr. Gamble's last will & testament states that children and grandchildren by blood will inherit. The Gamble's however are hiding behind an old law called (Lawful issue) which meant that if a child of yours was not legitimate through marriage then they had no right to your inheritance. The Gamble's have no guilt as far as I am concerned or about the very difficult and tragic life that I have had. They never even offered to help out after my mother died when I was six. They don't have the slightest concern that I am also a grandchild of Dr. Gamble by blood in the same way as any of the other Gamble grandchildren. They feel that they are entitled to everything because of this (Lawful Issue). They are even willing to lie or do anything that they need to do in order to keep everything in their possession. My two Gamble aunts passed away fairly recently and I told them my story before they died. My Gamble cousins contacted them however and told them that I was extremely wealthy and owned an oil company which could not be further from the truth. This was all in an effort to make sure that my aunts did not leave me anything. My mission is not only to set things right and get my rightful inheritance but also to tell the very interesting story around my father, my grandmother and Dr. Gamble.

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Greedy Beggars

by Scott Roberts
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