Dr Sara Pugh

Ph.D Molecular Mechanisms, BSc Biochemistry & GeneticsPilates Teacher, Hypnotist


My name is Sara and I'm a biochemist, Pilates Teacher and hypnotist.

After 20 years of providing my valued clients with practical and proven solutions, I am proud to continue to my success throughout the 3 main facets of my business. Over the years, I have been offering a variety of useful brain, body and biochemistry-based techniques for performance enhancement, pain relief, anti-aging, weight loss and better quality of physical and mental health.

As the founder of NeuroPerform UK, a people-first health and wellness company that helps support a broad range of clients across an array of ages and industries. including corporate executives, athletes, and just about anyone who is looking to become the best version of themselves. I specialize in Pilates for the over 50s.

By leveraging my strong educational background paired with my extensive experience in biochemistry and genetics, I have been able to excel in a variety of areas such as fasting, keto diet, coaching, biochemical detoxification, supplement advice, nervous system therapy, and Pilates.

In my pursuit of increasing my knowledge and expanding my skill set, I have also developed a unique talent for hypnosis, used for therapy, stage performances, and entertainment.

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zooming through lockdown

How I Stayed Sane & Solvent During COVID

by Dr Sara Pugh
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