Sandra Y. Lewis

Clinical Psychologist, Author, Personal Energy Strategist

Dr. Sandra Y. Lewis, Personal Energy StrategistTM and Founder of The Living Source, has over two decades of experience as a health service provider. Her national and international work in the HIV/AIDS epidemic earned her awards for distinguished public service. She is on a mission to uplift women committed to elevating their purpose to transform their lives. Maat, a feminine force of nature said to govern harmony in the universe, is the philosophy behind her book, Life in 4-Part Harmony, available on Dr. Lewis says Maat shows us that it takes energy to get everything in our life to work with everything else in our life. She combined her training in clinical psychology, Qigong, yoga, and spiritual healing arts into a personal energy management system that puts life purpose at the heart of wellness. Dr. Lewis says, “Build energy to win at being you. It’s the only job that only you can do”.

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How Pessimism Can Open the Door to Optimism

by Sandra Y. Lewis
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