Samantha Paige

Artist, Inspirational Speaker and Last Cut Project Creator

Samantha Paige is an artist, parent, and philanthropist with a passion for life. Even after multiple years spent earning degrees in history, international relations and culinary education, a jewelry making career, living abroad, and becoming fluent in multiple languages, Samantha credits her health challenges as her greatest teachers. Those challenges have shaped both her worldview and the manner in which she, as an artist and entrepreneur, has learned to give back and pay it forward in the most beautiful and connected way. Samantha is a role model and thought leader who shows how people can engage in vulnerable self-inquiry to live a connected, fulfilled life that feels like one's own. She asks herself and others through her socially fueled campaign and project, Last Cut, "How do I create a life that feels like mine?" As a young adult cancer survivor and BRCA1 previvor, Samantha has learned to use life experiences as fuel, and generates raw dialogue with others about these life-changing moments through her speaking engagements and original podcast “Last Cut Conversations,” and her upcoming book about those big life decisions (last cuts) made to bring us closer to living a life that feels like our own. This project is inspired by her belief in the great power of connection with other like-minded individuals around our most profound life experiences.

Samantha plans to partner with and give back to organizations supporting individuals in making changes to live bold, brave, and healthy lives, and to eventually start a Last Cut Foundation that does the same.

Samantha was recently featured in the powerful "Commit to Something” campaign for Equinox, freely displaying her scars from her preventive double mastectomy performed in 2008 after testing positive for the BRCA1 gene mutation that indicates a heightened risk for specific cancers, including breast and ovarian. Samantha has been featured on, Yahoo and, and recently gave an incredibly inspiring talk at the Girl Boss Rally in Los Angeles.

Samantha lives with her daughter in Los Angeles, California.

Artist Statement // I love the truth. I have a sixth sense about what is real. I love to connect the dots and people. I love to help others. I love to be of service. I believe we are all here for a reason. We just have to be honest enough with ourselves to figure it out.

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Mental Wellness is an Ongoing Pursuit

by Samantha Paige
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