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Saahil is an Entrepreneur, Author, and a Passionate Mountaineer.

Since 2010,  Saahil scaled 4 of the tallest mountains in the world- a dream that he harboured since 1999. As a Global Citizen Saahil has built successful businesses across 3 continents; but even thereafter he struggled to experience peace, happiness & abundance. Over the last decade, Saahil scaled 4 of the tallest mountains in the world- a dream that he harboured since 2010. But only once he was able to conquer his self-limiting mindsets & habits he was able to re-invent the complete spectrum of life-from mental focus to physical excellence and from beautiful relationships to efficient environments. Saahil was then able to singularly focus on ‘de-cluttering’ what no longer serves his life’s true calling & purpose, to scale the actual summits of the world as well as the metaphorical summits of personal mastery.

Saahil believes that once you master the art of strategically decluttering the non-essentials from these 4 key dimensions of life, you truly empower yourself to BREAK-FREE from these illusions of limits and rise to manifest the best version of yourself. With this philosophy, he was able to scale the summits of Kilimanjaro, Elbrus, Chopicalqui, and Kala Patthar on Mount Everest in his very first attempts! 

Today, Saahil continues running his business ventures on one hand and has also embarked upon this new life as an author (of the newly launched book BREAK FREE) and a coach; he’s deeply focused on guiding thoughtful leaders to navigate their health, wealth, and relationships as they scale their summit with the help of his proven set of tools + rituals to experience the ultimate peace and freedom to redefines their personal success. When asked, Why do this at all? He quips, “I feel ethereal joy when I help someone ignite the compassion, creativity and connection that births clarity for perceiving and pursuing their WHAT NEXT And this helps leaders be better at what they do, be at absolute peace with their life, thus making the world a better place!”

Paradoxically, on one hand, Saahil leads his life with absolute ‘ahimsa’ the art of non-violence, and evangelizes this virtue for all human beings; but when it comes to personal mastery & performance he loves to destroy his limits and consistently conquer himself. With his debut book BREAK-FREE he shares his personal journey of how he transcended all odds to scale the summits of his dreams, and how you too, can dream up new personal summits every day, once you have mastered the art of decluttering life by adopting his fool-proof process of breaking-free.

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Saahil Mehta - Decluttering Coach - Stories from Summits

Stories from Summits: 7 life lessons that helped me to BREAKFREE

by Saahil Mehta Official
I thank me by Saahil Mehta


by Saahil Mehta Official
Saahil Mehta - BREAKFREE

How I recreated my Life, scaled 4 summits, and wrote a book on it!

by Saahil Mehta Official
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