Oren Landa

Kiara Co-founder, and CEO, Trained Osteopath and Naturopath

Oren Landa, is Kiara Naturals co-founder, and CEO, Trained Osteopath and Naturopath, with a master’s in osteopathy. Oren has always been fascinated with the human body. He believes understanding the human body, can be translated and applied not only to individual health, but to how we handle our relationships, our communities, our businesses, and our planet. After nearly a decade of working in private and public health clinics, Oren was constantly encountered with people who were over-medicated with harmful pharmaceuticals. It seemed like too many people were disconnected from their body and their surroundings that they ended up helpless, with only medication to turn to.
Oren was looking for a better way to help people. Natural therapy by necessity must be holistic, and it looks at the person as a whole, from his/her relation to him/her self all the way to the environment. Self-help is key to health, but changing our lives and habits to a healthier lifestyle is hard, and we all could use some help. Discovering plants though his work with Boaz in 2009, Oren found the perfect solution. Plant remedies gave patients solutions to their medical needs, we’re able to replace their harmful medication, reduce side effects, and connect them to nature.
In 2017 when cannabis broke the barrier between traditional plant medicine, science, and mainstream pharmaceuticals, it was the first time in recent history when holistic plant extractions were given the attention and respect in research that could make them accessible to all. This brought Oren to co-found Kiara Naturals in 2019, with the mission of bringing plant medicine to before unimaginable audiences. Real holistic medicine, backed by tradition and science, with nearly no risk or side effects, this was a once in a lifetime opportunity.
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How to love your body with your hands? Bring plants into the celebration

by Oren Landa
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