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Natalia Brattan

Auditor & Risk Management Professional

Natalia has worked in auditing and risk management for over twenty years for small and large corporations and independent certification bodies. Natalia’s core skills are the ability to draw conclusions from large volumes of information, deal with different points of view, find common ground, and separate fact from opinion.
Natalia is passionate about healthy food and lifestyle choices. Natalia is excited to apply her auditing and risk management skills to publications on health and wellness related topics.
Natalia has presented at many events and has authored many publications on audit and risk topics.

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Work from home in COVID-19 virus outbreak, social distancing company allow employee work at home to prevent virus infection, young woman working on sofa with cat look outside to see virus pathogens.

Five Personal Wins in a Social Distancing Disruption

by Natalia Brattan
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