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Moksh Popli

Entrepreneur and Business Consultant

Moksh Popli is a New York-based entrepreneur specializing in advertising, marketing, travel consulting, and IT software and security. With a start in finance, Moksh has worked for some of New York's most reputable finance firms, gaining opportunities and insights from some of the world's most notable businessmen and industry experts. After years of working in the finance industry, growing his network, and learning all that he could, Moksh decided it was time to take on his dream project.

In 2019, Moksh Popli launched a one-of-a-kind consulting business. With his unique skill set, he is able to advise today's modern entrepreneurs in all things advertising, marketing, business operations and development, as well as their IT security and software. For an up-and-coming startup, Popli's services are like something out of a dream—a single consultant who can help grow every aspect of your business.

Moksh is fueled by his dedication and passion for entrepreneurship. He understand what it's like to take the business world by storm, and therefore works tirelessly to ensure his clients have the tools and opportunities they need to succeed. Whether it's helping them fine tune a business proposal, connecting them to one of his network's notable experts, or working to develop a growth plan, Moksh Popli will do what it takes to meet his client's needs.

Though Moksh Popli is endlessly dedicated to his clients, his family remains his first priority. When he isn't working, Moksh can be found spending quality time with his wife of 3 years, exploring the countless adventures New York has to offer.

For more information on Moksh and his consulting services, please visit his website.


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