Dr Mo

Career Transition Coach


Dr Mo is a pharmacist, professor, career transition coach and founder of Learnable by Dr Mo.

She was received a great job offer upon graduation but quickly realized that the job did not align with her professional and personal goals. She knew she had to find one which did.

She knew she had to search differently and this time make it a job which aligned with her professional goals,  offered work-life balance and job satisfaction .
She began to search for jobs by implementing some strategies  which landed her an interview. She then used her 4 P interview method which landed her the dream job.
The true test of her dream role is her being able to have a work-life balance as a mom to a thriving former micro-preemie and an ambitious healthcare professional.

She now helps ambitious professionals shift out of uninspiring roles into meaningful careers using her proven method


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Spreading the Holiday Career Cheer

by Dr Mo

Asking for a Raise in the Pandemic

by Dr Mo
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