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Money Mindset Coach + Business Strategist, M.A. Clin Psy


Mitra Sharifi, endearingly known as “Money Mitra,” is a Money + Mindset Coach and Consultant, Personal Finance + Personal Development Educator. With a business born from her natural abilities, formal education, and learned skillsets, Mitra has always desired to help people. She originally started out pre-med at Vanderbilt University and then decided to pivot her major to psychology.  Fascinated by the study of the mind and behavior, Mitra then went on to earn a Master's in clinical psychology with a specialty in applied behavioral analysis.  Unknowningly, she entered the job market during the 2008 recession and was unable to find a job in her field. She was told by several companies they would love to hire her, but that she needed more experience.  It was then that a friend recommended she try the mortgage industry. With no experience, Mitra went back to what she knew, her roots of being a student and a teacher. She provided value and differentiated herself by educating her clients, as well as paid close attention to behavioral and emotional patterns when analyzing their credit and talking to them about their financial needs and goals.  What she saw was a unique perspective of varying beliefs around money, connected to emotions, childhood programming, and unresolved trauma. When hitting her goal income of 6 figures did not bring her the happiness and inner peace she desired (leaving her more unfulfilled), Mitra realized she was out of alignment with her authentic self and knew she had to make a change focusing on the impact, not the money this time. It is here that her purpose to help people heal their relationship with money was born using what she had learned and experienced over the journey of both her own and others lives.  Identifying parallels in her own pain, losses, and upbringing and how interconnected she is to her clients, Mitra realized guiding people to raise their money consciousness helps them to break the cycles of shame, guilt, and avoidance they have around money and in turn live a better quality of life, creating the life they imagine.

Mitra helps people shift their money mindset by not only reframing beliefs, but providing techniques to overcome money trauma (job loss, financial loss, childhood poverty, growing up wealthy with distant parents etc.), along with tactical money management and business strategy.

Mitra’s intuition tells her that with what we are currently experiencing on a global scale as it pertains to money fears, the economy, and coronavirus, the psychoeducational, socio-emotional, and financial skills + awareness her business offers will be a necessity. To heal the collective, it will be imperative to educate, empower, and provide coping skills, tips, and techniques that are useful now and in the future as a looming recession brings up the financial pain of the past and fear of the future.

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7 Ways to Turn Financial Fear to Favor: Coronavirus Edition

by "Money Mitra"
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