Mimie Louie

Certified Fitness and Nutrition Coach for women, founder of www.keepingitrealfit.com


Mimie Louie is a Certified Fitness and Nutrition Coach and founder of keepingitrealfit.com, a Toronto-based online coaching service that specializes in helping busy women get fit, feel better and look better.

Today’s modern woman manages many competing demands on her time (and energy). Which makes it even more important for her to make time to take care of herself.

Whether you run your own business, work for a business and/or run your household -- you’re a busy woman who is continually challenged with finding harmony with your work life, your personal life AND trying to stay fit. The good news is, it can be done. You can have it all!

Mimie has successfully taught women how to eat better without dieting or deprivation, how to enjoy exercising regardless of your fitness level and how to live a healthy lifestyle without it taking over your life!

Mimie has helped busy professional women lose weight, get stronger, fit better in their clothes and feel more confident. She has helped doctors, entrepreneurs, corporate professionals, nurses, moms, grandmothers and expected moms.

This is the same system Mimie used to transform herself from feeling “meh” to “magnificent" starting at 40! The key is making tiny habit changes in a systematic way that builds on each other. This results in positive change behavior that sticks in the long-run. Women learn how to eat, move and love their bodies for life.

This means no more diets, fitness fads or frumpy clothes. You get to eat what you want, do exercises you like, and wear cute clothes! Feeling good and looking good is so much easier when you don’t have to try so hard!

"It’s difficult to enjoy everything in life when you don’t feel good in your body."

It’s never too late to start. Mimie is a firm believer that you can change your life if you decide to. Right. This. Second.

To learn more about Mimie's story, visit www.keepingitrealfit.com

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