Mick Mooney

Author, Speaker, Mentor


I help individuals and organisations build better foundations. For individuals, this foundation is within themselves; it’s a foundation of grace (non-judgement), connection with others, true personal freedom and sustainable, joyful well-being. For organisations, the foundation is their purpose, values, and brand story. From that place of renewed clarity on their brand foundations, the potential for organisational growth shifts from incremental to exponential. The same is true for each of us as individuals. When we get our personal foundations clear, our lives can move from the sense of friction to the sensation of flow that makes us more productive, creative, peaceful and purposeful.

I’m the author of eight books, some based on clarifying spiritual truths (Snap, a novel), some based on encouraging creative pursuits (Meeting the Muse), and others for business (Trust Me, I’m Human: Why storytelling works at work). 

If you want to regain clarity as an individual or as part of an organisation, and grow from a stronger foundation, I’d love to support the process. You can contact me at: https://mickmooney.com

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