Melissa Aycock

MS, Certified Personal Trainer & Health Coach

I have always loved being outside - running and playing with friends and family in the outdoors! From a young age, I understood the value of using my body to expend energy and relieve stress, and for some reason, I just knew I had to move to feel better inside and out. My first love of organized sport was with gymnastics and dance. It was fun to attempt to control my body in certain ways and even more importantly, I failed...over and over again. This is where I learned the value of consistency, patience, and persistence. I discovered group fitness and aerobics in my teenage years and knew I had found my niche in health, fitness, and wellness. I gained my first group fitness certification my freshman year of college and went on to become a certified trainer several years later. Eventually, I became a certified health coach and recently received my master's degree in sport and performance psychology. I am currently working towards my doctoral degree in sport and performance psychology as well.

My focus and specialty in training revolve around positive coaching using strengths-based and positive psychology techniques. I also include mental skills training techniques to aid clients in moving towards their optimum potential and in support of their health goals and lifestyle priorities. My calling is to help people overcome all the different hurdles they have in their lives and move them forward into personal excellence and wellness. Along with being a Trainiac trainer, I own a small workplace wellness business, called Motivate Colorado.

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3 Tips to Creating a Balanced, Long-Lasting Fitness Routine to Improve your Overall Wellbeing

by Melissa Aycock
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