Coach Kirsten

Transformational Leadership Coach Helping people win in business and life

Kirsten Franklin is a world-class transformation coach who specializes in working with individuals and business owners who seek to improve themselves as leaders and achieve more. Many of her clients are seen as being at the top of their game but feel as though they have a lot more to offer. Some may be seeking to improve productivity, some may simply feel stuck and others may be in a period of transition.

She is known for her work in getting clients aha moments and instant transformations.  Everyone, at every level of success, has a next-level goal or they might end up feeling a bit lost.  Coach Kirsten is able to quickly and easily identify what is preventing you from reaching your next level or even knowing what that next level might be.  She is the person to hire when you are struggling to identify what you want or you feel like you aren't achieving it.

Kirsten is certified in techniques such as Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Strategic Intervention and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Coaching. She has studied behavioral science for over 16 years and regularly practices Transcendental Meditation and Mindfulness.

She has worked with top tier Big 4 accounting executives, law partners, professional athletes, real estate executives and hundreds of business owners and entrepreneurs. She is even known to be a coach to other top coaches.

For those seeking:
Leadership Development

Instant transformation in overcoming fears

Organizational Change/Change Management
Build and Scale Business
Negotiations/ Negotiation Training
High-Performance Coaching
Eliminate Dysfunction
Improve Alignment & Engagement
Improve Communication & Agility
Improve Culture
Master Your Mindset
Gain Total Life Balance

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Creating a Bubble of Fun!

by Coach Kirsten

Quarantined Life: How to Stay Sane During Insane Times (part 3) – Mindset

by Coach Kirsten

Quarantined Life: How To Stay Sane During Insane Times (part 2) – Routines

by Coach Kirsten
Stress work from home quarantine covid 19

Quarantined Life: How to Stay Sane During Insane Times

by Coach Kirsten

Living Your Life By Design (step 1)

by Coach Kirsten

Living your life by design, not default

by Coach Kirsten
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