Katrina Mason

GradCert Grief, Loss & Trauma Counselling, Bachelor Social Science, Registered Yoga Teacher


After many years of supporting vulnerable people in a professional context I know firsthand how difficult it can be to find the right balance between your own needs and those of the people you support.  Each day can be an emotional roller coaster of heart wrenching suffering, inspirational accomplishment, complex ethical decision making and monotony. 

For years I knew on a logical level that self-care in this context was going to take so much more than regular breaks, exercise, soy candles and hot baths (if only it was that easy).  The question was always HOW? No one seemed to be able to give me concrete answers or technique, so I went and found them myself. 

Being. Wellness and Mindful Innovation it about passing the knowledge and techniques on in a clear and efficient way. Making relevant and effective support available to dedicated people who are making this world a better place. It about looking after you so you can look after them.

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Dedicated but Drained?

by Katrina Mason
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