Julie Gottman, Ph.D.

Julie Gottman is a highly respected licensed clinical psychologist and the President and Co-Founder of The Gottman Institute. She is sought internationally by media and organizations as an expert advisor on marriage, sexual abuse and rape, domestic violence, gay and lesbian adoption, same-sex marriage, and parenting issues.

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Asking for a Friend//

Do I Really Have to Love Myself Fully Before Finding Love?

by Julie Gottman, Ph.D.
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Thriving Relationships//

We’ve Been Studying Couples for 40 Years — Here’s What We Learned About Improving Your Odds of Lasting Love

by John Gottman, Ph.D., Julie Gottman, Ph.D., Doug Abrams, Rachel Carlton Abrams, MD
Kimberlee Reimer/Getty Images

If You’re Too Busy for Date Night, You’re Too Busy

by John Gottman, Ph.D., Julie Gottman, Ph.D.
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