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About Joseph LaForte


From minor league baseball to becoming the director of sales at Par Funding, Joseph LaForte shows an incredible dedication to his work with small business owners that has made him one of the most innovators and leaders in the small business finance industry. In 1992, Joseph played professional baseball with  the Seattle Mariners as a switch hitting catcher—and his experience on the field has taught him a high level of professionalism and drive that he now brings to his career working with small business owners. He is known throughout the industry for many key factors, including his dedication to professionalism, his expertise in finances, and his leadership abilities.


Joseph laforte has, through his years with Par Funding, developed a sensational success record, including:

  • Introducing cutting edge technology at the corporate level
  • Incorporating community assets to aid small businesses achieve top-level service and financial stability
  • Expanding product offerings and opportunities
  • Stabilizing current offerings to create higher levels of financial stability and customer service


Throughout his years in the industry, Joseph LaForte has successfully guided many businesses to higher levels of financial success and stability. Often, he has taken struggling non-profits and companies to high-performing members of the industry focused on customer service. He has generated more than two billion dollars in more sales and revenue across those companies. Not only that, he has steered Par Funding through many of the challenges faced by the industry, including market shifts, industry changes, and other challenges. He maintains a fantastic reputation within the industry, both with other industry professionals and with his companies. He is dedicated to a high standard of performance and ensuring that Par Funding provides a high level of customer service to every client. Even in an tumultuous industry, Joseph has been able to guide Par Funding through its most difficult times, making it a high-performing company that continues to grow in spite of challenges faced by others in the industry.


In his spare time, Joseph is dedicated to helping others. He is involved with a number of local charities and churches that have a special place in his heart, dedicating his leadership skills and business talents to improving the lives of area residents.

Joseph LaForte is proud to serve as a mentor and advisor to local business owners, helps kids in the inner city start businesses of their own, and provides key guidance that has helped many young people and adults break out of their current situations and find and prepare for more successful futures.

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