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Heather J. Crider

High-Performance Growth Strategist


Heather is a high-performance strategist, neurocoach, and mindset consultant focusing on professionals and business owners.

She mindfully harmonizes business and life, and profits and dreams and is the conduit who meets you at the intersection of mindfulness and business, providing a roadmap for unbounded success. This intersection is where your full potential is unlocked and where new levels of success are achieved. All by using brain-based principles backed by neuroscience, emotional intelligence, and mindfulness. Bringing happiness and joy, peace and success…all while unleashing infinite potential!

Heather has worked with many fortune 50 companies, recently featured in “Forbes" discussing the impact of mindfulness and business success, and was featured on John Assaraf’s Brain-A-Thon as a success story from neuroscience backed techniques. She has started and grown four successful companies and is a proud mom of two.

Heather is a certified Search Inside Yourself teacher, a Google-born program, which brings evidence-based mindfulness and emotional intelligence techniques to groups and workplaces helping them catapult growth, productivity, happiness, and well-being.

Follow on social media @heatherjcrider or check out her site for growth mindset, self-reflection, and neuro tips.


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Why Intention Is Your Happiness Superpower (Especially during uncertainty)

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