Gail Kauranen Jones

Transformational leader, intuitive coach, gifted wordsmith/author and inspiring teacher; owner of

“Declare your innate worthiness and keep loving yourself into the highest vision of your dreams."
--Gail Kauranen Jones


Gail Kauranen Jones is an intuitive coach, gifted wordsmith and inspiring teacher who has been leading others through transformation for more than twenty years. She is the author of two books, Cancer as a Love Story: Developing the Mindset for Living,) and To Hell and Back...Healing Your Way through Transition. Both books were met with rave reviews on Amazon and elsewhere.


She has taught many leading-edge workshops at top spas and wellness centers, and continues to lead guided meditation circles. Gail lives a passionate and simple life writing, hiking, connecting in meaningful ways, aligning in joyful collaboration and thriving in nature.


Following her pioneering spirit, Gail is honoring "a calling" to help others release internal stressors by integrating a greater sense of love and worthiness. She has a new e-book about her unique process in the works.  To learn more, visit


To order a signed copy of either of her current books, email: [email protected]

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Saying it with…wisdom this Mother’s Day

by Gail Kauranen Jones
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