Eve Lesov

My name is Eve. I am 39. I grew up in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, where I got classical education, majoring in piano, but also took a lot of classes in jazz and opera singing. As a young adult, I studied Economics at Smith College, here, in the US, Northampton, MA, where I was part of their a cappella group, Smiffenpoofs. I also continued taking vocal classes in college. When I graduated, I started playing shows, touring the US with my original music, as well as performing several concerts abroad (Russia, Canada). Oh, if you ask, why Econ major––the short answer is MOM:) She begged me to get a solid profession, ‘cause as an immigrant and no financial support from parents or otherwise, it’d be so much harder for me to stay afloat in a foreign country. She was right, after all. I got to work as a budget manager for some years after I graduated from Smith, and was able to make my own living, up until my husband told me he could support me. He has been financially supporting me and my music for ten years now, which I am infinitely grateful for! He is my biggest fan, for sure. Five years ago, I went to an Audio Engineering School, IAR, here in Manhattan, and now I create my own beats, and produce my own music, which is so much fun. It provides endless streams of creative freedom!

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Mariya Bulat Photography

Four and a Half Years Sober: My Battle With Addiction

by Eve Lesov
Image credit: Anna Leonti

How Music Helps Me Thrive, Even During Difficult Times

by Eve Lesov
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