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Ellary Eddy is the author of a book of essays, HER ARGUMENT: Epiphanies, Theories, Confessions, just released on Amazon. She is the founder of Realize Magazine, a multi-media lifestyle and culture magazine, and has worked in advertising and public relations, directed an arts foundation, worked in film development, shot behind-the-scenes videos, written screenplays, painted public murals and numerous large oil paintings, taken a million photos (even before iPhones), raised a daughter, created a website for gameplay in the English language, and writes a highly visual blog. The guiding element that propels her is a constant state of enthusiasm (or is it madness?)

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Mirror Image of Author Ellary Eddy in Rodin's Thinker Pose

Why Am I Me?

by Ellary Eddy
A Young Woman Arches her body and Throws her Head back

The Potential for Joy ~

by Ellary Eddy
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