Douglas B. Habig

Doug Habig

Just a brief summary of who I am.  I am a husband, father and very proud grandfather of 8. Most importantly, I am a Christian who understands that the true teachings of Jesus call for love and acceptance of all human beings. I reject the teachings of hate that predominate in many American churches. I will have much more to say on this subject.

Politically, I was a life-long Republican until I had the privilege to meet and caucus for President Barack Obama, when my wife and I were living in Iowa during the 2007-08 election. The utter racism that erupted during President Obama's campaign and Presidency made clear to me that the Republican Party I had believed in for decades had finally been taken over by the darkest and most malignant racial prejudices.  When Donald Trump's blatant racism and pandering to white nationalists and Nazis appeared on the scene in 2016, this corruption of the principles of that Party became complete in my mind.

Professionally, I am an attorney who has worked with non-profit and public hospital systems for over 30 years.  Most recently, I served as General Counsel for Alameda Health System, which is the public hospital network based in Oakland, CA. I have many thoughts about healthcare and health policy, which I am sure I will relate in future postings.
My avocation, however, has long been as an historian. During the past few years, I have been writing the first volume of a 3-volume biography of Edward Livingston (1764-1836).  The first book is complete, which is entitled Edward Livingston: The New York Years and covers the period from 1764-1803. This volume covers, among many other things, Livingston's opposition in Congress to the Alien and Sedition Acts and his service to the poor as Mayor of New York. Subsequent volumes will cover Livingston's life in New Orleans (1804-1823) and during the Jackson Years (1824-1836). I am happy to drone on and on about Livingston and the history of the early American republic at the drop of a hat.

I also have strong interests in Religion and Constitutional law.

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None Dare Call it Treason

by Douglas B. Habig
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