Donna Piper, MA

Energetic Trauma Therapist
Donna Piper is a therapist, energy healer and trauma expert who works with leaders, entrepreneurs and high performing professionals.
She helps guide them to be free from hidden and known trauma so they can “move the needle” in their business, make their money goals, and embody the knowledge that they can have it all. 
She is the creator of the Freedom To Thrive Method where she guides her clients to find inherited and emotional blocks that are trapped and releases them on a deep energetic level. 
She created the Freedom To Thrive Method as a modern way to heal traumas and it is based in energy medicine. The Freedom Method combines her years of experience and qualifications as a dance movement psychotherapist, licensed professional counselor, soul awakening practitioner, akashic records consultant, intuitive energy healer, shamanic meditation guide, Yoga Nidra teacher, reiki practitioner, dancer with a BA in Dance Education, yoga and pilates instructor, applied kinesiology, and somatic embodiment practitioner.
She believes that everything is achievable.
 And other than the common belief that the obstacles in our lives are real, and the dreams to good to be true, she believes the opposite to be  true. 
Your vision is real. The obstacles are not. Therefore they can be released without reliving the trauma and in a short amount of time.
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“I don’t trust myself.”

by Donna Piper, MA

You want to change the world!

by Donna Piper, MA

How your past can sabotage your relationship today (even if you love your partner to bits!)

by Donna Piper, MA
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