Corrie Mathiowetz, C-IAYT

Corrie Mathiowetz

Certified Yoga Therapist & Life Coach

Corrie is a life coach, certified as a yoga therapist (C-IAYT), world traveler, & visionary. She's completed various trainings in hatha, vinyasa, tantric, and raja yoga. She practices insight meditation and she spends a great deal of time in self-study & meditation. She is also a Reiki master, and utilizes other modalities of energy healing. She's worked with her own life coach for 10+ years and she holds a bachelors degree in international relations (UofMN) and a masters degree in government (JHU).

Corrie served as a yoga teacher to the US federal government for 4 years teaching to staff in several agencies including the House of Representatives, Health & Human Services, and the Federal Trade Commission. For most of the past 9 years she’s traveled, studied, and taught around India and S.E. Asia learning, teaching, and continually growing along the way. She's recently returned to Washington, DC and is currently developing her online coaching business, and again teaching yoga the the United States government.

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What if everything is here for you?

by Corrie Mathiowetz
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