Chris Richards

Old enough to know better - still hasn't learnt, but trying to make a difference

I'm Chris. Qualified dental surgeon 1975 BDS. Practiced in UK, Germany, Australia. Mentor to University of Oxford Postgrad. Med. Faculty. Retired 2014. Project manager for homeless charity. Founder of LifeAid UK
At the age of 61, decided I had had enough of being a dentist & retired - BIG mistake! Bored out of my mind, I met up with some people and to cut a long story short, I now run a company importing products from the developing world countries, distributing these through a network of affiliates who earn commission and then we plough the profits back to the producing communities in the form of aid (water purification, schools, medical facilities etc). The aim is to provide indigenous people with an income, give people in the west a good ethical, ecological and ethnic product at a good price and by cutting out middle men as much as possible, maximise profit so that we can then help these people further. In so doing we also want to raise awareness of modern-day slavery affecting 46 million worldwide including over 11 million children.

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Modern-day slavery – the reality

by Chris Richards
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