Chloe Lipp Wellman

Associate Director of Wellbeing, Culture Transformation

Chloe is an expert in the corporate wellbeing industry leading and advising large, global companies on how to strengthen their cultures through wellbeing and engagement- increasing the fortitude and dedication of their workforces. Chloe takes a public-health approach to creating strategy around wellbeing culture, believing that each team member's individual wellbeing contributes to the whole. Chloe's approach takes in the whole team member in the truest sense, placing value equally on each person’s role at work and role in the larger world-- as parents, siblings, friends, leaders, students, marathon runners or couch potatoes. True wellbeing is an integration of each person’s roles so that one can flow from one to the other, giving true attention to each in the moment. This is a practice, and no one gets it perfect! But Chloe’s goal is to create a culture that embodies the belief that we're all wearing multiple hats and each is valued and supported as we grow together.

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Parenting through COVID: 5 Ways to Thrive for WFH Parents

by Chloe Lipp Wellman
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