Charlotte Fritz, PhD

Associate Professor in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Portland State University

Dr. Charlotte Fritz is an Associate Professor in Industrial / Organizational Psychology and a faculty member within the Occupational Health Psychology Graduate Training Program at Portland State University. She has studied employees in a variety of industries and countries to better understand what keeps employees happy, healthy, engaged, and productive. Specifically, she examines the interplay between employee experiences at work and those outside of work. For example, how do experiences outside of work (e.g., sleep, mental disengagement from work, relaxation, or mastery experiences) during different types of work breaks (i.e., vacations, weekends, evenings) impact employees in the workplace? Which work experiences and practices impact employee even outside of work? How can employees be supported (e.g., by their supervisors or spouses) in recovery from work demands? How does replenishing energy outside of work impact employee well-being, engagement, and performance in the workplace?

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This Morning Routine Can Make You Happier and More Engaged at Work

by Charlotte Fritz, PhD
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