Chanit Roston

Art to the beat of the heart.

Chanit Roston is a Writer, and Painter of People, Places and Favorite Things.
She is the mother of three accomplished adults.
Being a Thrice survivor, the daughter of a widowed mother, who survived the Holocaust by being a partisan in the forests of Slovakia fighting the Nazis.
Gratitude and inspiration have been Chanit's dwelling place.
Her goal has been to heal, be inspired, inspire and guide.
Chanit's multifaceted fields of education account for the wealth of her passions.
She had been a teacher, a resort motel manager, a cook, and a healer.
Her belief is that people's potential is limitless, provided they allow their brilliance to shine.
With a background, which could have rendered her a victim several times over, Chanit miraculously survived an and has been thriving with inspiration as her fuel and love of people as the driving force.

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Old and All time resolution

by Chanit Roston

The gift of the itch

by Chanit Roston
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