Caroline Stagg

Conscious Leadership Coach


I help leaders, and ambitious professionals maximise critical skills and strengths to produce better results with less effort, and find more time for their families and more fulfilment and wellbeing in their personal lives.


Over the years, in my work with successful executives, I have heard over and over the difficulty they have with achieving balance between their work and personal life. They turn to me when their lack of satisfaction with work is grinding them down, impacting on home life, mental health and friendships. They tell me they feel they need to be everything to everyone, live in fear of letting friends, family and colleagues down.

I realised what I was hearing from these leaders I now work with was the SAME stuff that affected my own family and my father (a highly driven, successful managing director), and that the old ways and methods are still prevailing.
I started developing better models and methods to serve my clients appropriately in a world of modern leadership – to remove the friction and uncertainty and replace it with fulfilment and satisfaction.
Many of my clients are men, but the truth is that when our work takes over our lives, it affects not just the individual but also their families, partners, children and friendships; as well as robbing them of what they are capable of achieving. We expect a lot of our leaders and they benefit from the support I can provide.

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Are you unhappily successful?

by Caroline Stagg
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