Carlotta Elle

Emotional Healing Practitioner

Carlotta has always been a spiritual individual and a curious being and just like many she has been on her own journey of the biggest highs and lowest of lows.

She had an abundance of unhappiness in her life. She grew up with depression, anxiety and low self-esteem, until one day she decided that she had enough, and she wanted to better her life and her inner world.

In the following years, she worked on healing her wounds, forgiving herself and letting go of the resentment that she was carrying. She changed her mindset and started to love and accept herself for the first time in many years. 

As a certified NLP, EFT, and Kinesiology practitioner, as well as studying Psychology (Hons), Carlotta helps women release painful emotions, past emotional wounds, so that they can move forward in life.

Because the truth is the time to break free from the past and emotional pain to live your best life ever.

If you want to learn to shift and release challenging emotions that no longer serve you, sign up for 'the 5-step formula for emotional release' FREE mini course.

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Challenging emotions: learn to accept and let them go

by Carlotta Elle

How to release Self-Sabotage and avoid getting in your own way.

by Carlotta Elle
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