Calee Shea

Calee Shea

Holistic Health Practitioner + Hormone and Sexual Health Expert

Calee is an Atlanta, Georgia-based Holistic Health Practitioner. She works with women to help them eliminate hormonal acne, beat bloat, increase libido, and support their cycle health so that they can have dreamy, consistent cycles and feel GOOD all month long.

After years of terrible periods and coming off of the pill, Calee was left with post-birth control syndrome, acne, hair loss, and digestive pain that left her desperate for answers. She spent the next few years learning what it means to work with the body rather than against it and has since become specialized in periods and sexual health, with a major focus on the gut, because she fully believes that when our gut and hormones are in balance, we will feel like our best selves.

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Calee Shea

The Mindset Around Building a Six-Figure Health Coaching Business

by Calee Shea
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