Brad Wilson

Overcome Anything


My name is Brad and I think a lot — like a ridiculous amount … it pretty much never stops.

Sometimes, the incessant thinking can be super annoying (Like when I’m trying to sleep).

But most of the time I consider it a gift as it makes it almost impossible to ignore the things that I’m most passionate about.

Mentally Invincible is one of these things.

I believe we live in a unique time in history where we have more opportunities to realize our inner greatness than ever before.

The knowledge for creating multiple revenue streams, eating healthy, getting fit, finding the right partner in life, and whatever else it is that we dream about is right at our fingertips, just a short search away.

Yet we put off trying new things. We choose convenience over substance. We don’t prioritize our physical or mental health. We settle for shallow, superficial relationships. And we put our dreams on hold so that we can spend our precious time and energy in the most trivial of ways.

But I don’t think it’s our fault.

The assault we must constantly endure on our time and attention is at never-before-seen levels.

Our mission at Mentally Invincible is to provide our community with information and inspiration complemented with actionable products and systems that will allow our community to spend their time and energy on the things that truly matter.

Things like:

- Our personal relationships.
- Our health.
- Our financial freedom.

We promise to always value and guard your time and attention as if it were our own.

Life is short.

Time is limited.

Let’s make the most of it.

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How to Create Friction from Time-sucking Websites/Apps

by Brad Wilson
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